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Creating Jobs With Innovation: Sen. Amy Klobuchar writes about ethanol's contribution to Minnesota's economy.  Read More

DOE Data: Half Of United States Broke Through Blend Wall In 2015: Minnesota led the way with ethanol comprising 12.5 percent of transportation fuelRead More  

Minnesota n-Butanol Plant Comes Online :  Central MN Renewables begins shipping n-Butanol.  Read More   

Reinvigorating Renewable Energy In Southern Minnesota: 
Rep. Tim Walz explains the importance of the RFS in Southern Minnesota. Read More

Franken Successfully Helps Fight To Improve RFS: 
The Minnesota senator was one of many lawmakers who pushed the EPA to stick to the RVOs under the RFS.   Read More

Ernst Stresses Importance Of Strong RFS For Rural Economies At Hearing: 
The Iowa senator warns against creating uncertainties about the future of the RFS.  Read More

How United Leads The Airline Industry In Reducing Carbon Emissions:  United Airlines will purchase 900 million gallons of biofuels over the next 10 years.  Read More

Groups Letter To EPA : Don't Change RFS Program Point Of Obligation: Members of the ethanol and oil industry are against changing the RFS' point of obligation. Read More
Minnesota's Ethanol Consumption Grew In 2015: Minnesota drivers used 304.7 million gallons of ethanol in 2015.  Read More

Ethanol Can Meet Minnesota's Emissions Goals: Increasing ethanol usage in Minnesota will help the state achieve its emissions goals Read More  

Will The Trump Administration Be Pro-RFS? :  Who will set the incoming administration's policy on the RFS?  Read More   

E15 Sales In Minnesota Reach New Record: 
E15 sales in October reached 542,979 gallons, the highest recorded so far.   Read More
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The November elections did shift the balance of power among Democrats and Republicans in both the Minnesota Senate as well as the US Senate and the White House. Following the elections, I'm frequently asked, what does this shift mean for ethanol and renewable chemicals? 
On an academic level, the social, economic, energy security, consumer and environmental benefits that stem from biofuels are apolitical and have no party affiliation. 
For nearly six years the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association has worked with Democrats and Republicans including lawmakers from the urban and suburban areas and rural communities of the state. We all found common ground and ways to grow the biofuel and renewable chemical industry to displace imported, finite petroleum-based products.  To produce what we require for mobility and products from renewable ingredients grown right here in Minnesota helps our community and improves the environment.   Read More

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association presented the 2016 Distinguished Retailer award earlier this month to Tobasi Stop, which owns three E15 stations in the Twin Cities. Tobasi Stop first began offering E15 at its station on Selby Avenue in St Paul in December 2015. It later began offering E15 at its other two stations which are located in New Brighton and on Minnehaha Avenue in St Paul respectively. Read More

Cellulosic and biorefining technology company, Edeniq Inc, has joined the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association as a vendor member. The company's Pathway Technology combines cellulase enzymes with its high-shear milling equipment, called the Cellunator, to produce up to 2.5 percent cellulosic ethanol, a 7 percent increase in overall ethanol yield and a 30 percent increase in corn oil recovery. Read More                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube