January 2020
Meet the New Kids on the Block
Goats Make their Landscaping Debut at Imperial Estates
Much like the fable "Three Billy Goats Gruff" begins... Once upon a time there were [24] billy goats, who went up a hillside to make themselves fat. The hillside, in this case, is at Imperial Estates Elementary, and these goats have an important mission ahead of them... to clean up the retention basin near the student basketball court, an area of unsafe terrain even for the most skilled of lawn care experts.

The idea of using goats to clear the overgrown area came from none other than a group of elementary schoolers, as an innovative and cost-effective solution to taming an environmental situation which poses hazard to human crews, teachers, staff and students.

The goats have been provided by Rent-a-Ruminant, a company that specializes in eco-friendly, green and sustainable vegetation management.

The goats will stay on school property until the job is done, which is anticipated to take a couple of weeks. Rent-a-Ruminant staff remain on-site 24/7 to care for the goats, which are corralled in trailers at night.

Instead of encountering a troll on their grass-eating journey, Imperial's newest kids were met with lots of paparazzi and fanfare their first day on the job. Here's just a sampling of the media coverage they received... 
Brevard Delivers 8th Straight Perfect Audit on Surtax Spending

Brevard Public Schools continues to spend money from a one-half-cent sales surtax for facility renewal and repairs the way voters were promised when they passed the levy in 2014. That’s the main finding by the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee (ICOC), an 11-member watchdog group from across Brevard County that was established by voters as part of the tax initiative. 
Program revenues have exceeded expectations to date by 35-percent. At the time it was passed, the sales surtax was estimated to provide $198 million in capital funding for a list of specific, critical repairs and replacement projects at schools across the Space Coast. Many of which were built some 40-50 years ago. As of September 30, 2019, surtax revenue had generated $202.8 million. If revenue trends continue, the program will receive an estimated $72 million more than the original $198 million target. READ MORE HERE.  
Rockledge High Selected to Participate in First-of-its-Kind National Teen Mental Health First Aid Program
Rockledge High School is participating in the expanded teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) pilot program -- the first of its kind developed for high school students in the U.S. The school is one of 40 sites selected to take part in the program which is run by the National Council for Behavioral Health with support from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

The program will teach high school students to recognize and respond when their friends are experiencing the early stages of a mental health or addiction problem.

“Through this pilot, Rockledge High School is taking an important step toward ensuring their students are able to recognize when a friend or peer might be struggling and to feel confident that they know what to do to help,” said Cynthia Germanotta, president and co-founder of Born This Way Foundation. “Knowing how to spot the signs that someone in our lives is experiencing a mental health challenge and understanding how we can support that person is a basic life skill we all need to have – especially teenagers.”

“My dream is that this [program] happens in every school. I’m just so proud of all of you,” said Born This Way Foundation’s co-founder, Lady Gaga when she  spoke with some of the first cohort of students  who took the teen Mental Health First Aid program earlier this year.
The following is a paid advertorial by Hospice of St. Francis.

Children's Grief - Ways to Help
a Grieving Child

We know that there comes a time when we will all say good bye to a loved one. We all grieve in our own way; the same can be said for children. Children learn by asking questions. When questions arise concerning death it is a key that they are curious and maybe they want to understand what’s happening around them.
Tips on how to help a child during grief:

Ø Assure the child that it is okay to ask questions- be honest with the answers but be sensitive to the child’s age.

Ø Children are concrete thinkers and it is important to use concrete words as to how the person has passed away. Avoid being vague with the answer.

Ø Provide options to the child on how they can express their goodbye for the person who has passed. After a death, having choices allows children to grieve a death in the way that is right for them.

Ø Children grieve differently- respect the grieving styles of the child. They may not grieve the same as an adult would.

Ø Listen to the child without being judgmental- don’t try to fix, evaluate or judge a child when they express how they feel.

Ø Children grieve in cycles and it’s okay for them to take a break from their grief.

Hospice of St. Francis’ North Star Program for Grieving Children provides a safe and healing environment and uses peer group support to help children through their grieving process. Our services are provided free of charge to any child in Brevard County suffering from grief, even those children whose family member or loved one has not been in our care. 

We work collaboratively with the Brevard County Schools to provide grief support services in special group settings when needed. 

For more information about North Star, please call Jasmain Joseph, MSW, North Star Coordinator at 321-269-4240 or email ChildGrief@HospiceOfStFrancis.com .
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Spring 2020 Theatre Calendar
Coming Next Month!

Once our talented students and staff settle in to the start of the spring semester, they will begin to work on selecting spring performances, dates, etc.

When this information is available, we will distribute the Spring Theatre Calendar.

Stay tuned!