LUC Youth Evangelism Congress • February 12-14, 2016                                            January 8, 2016
Hello {First Name}, 

Happy New Year!

A new year has just begun. We usually take this time to think up our New Year's Resolutions.

Are you aware that you have been  Called to Serve  this new year? If we follow Jesus' example, we see that building relationships with the people around us, and serving them, will give us the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

"Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, "Follow Me." -  Ministry of Healing, p. 143

February 12-14, 2016 is right around the corner. We are positive that you have been Called to be a part of the Youth Evangelism Congress.

Register now, or, if you have not already done so, contact your pastor ASAP and request to be one of your local church delegates. 

See you soon,
Pr. Ron Whitehead
Ron Whitehead
LUC Youth Ministries Director
(C) 269-208-1344
(O) 269-471-8380
Alexandra Mora
Alexandra Mora
LUC Youth Congress Associate Director
(O) 269-471-8385
This Year Will Be Different... 

I will share Christ with my family, friends and community!

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If you'd like to volunteer for the Congress with your gifts and talents, please let us know. 

Phone: 269-471-8380 or 269-471-8385


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Holiday Inn Chicago
Our Congress will take place in

Holiday Inn Chicago - North Shore
Skokie Banquet and Conference Center

5300 W Touhy Ave. - Skokie, IL 60077

More registered!
We want to give a special welcome to  more registered delegates:
Rachel Schafer, David Reynolds, Jon Larson and Jessie Larson from Eau Claire SDA Church , Pr. Royce Snyman (Ministerial Director from Michigan Conference ), Pr. Carmelo Mercado (Administration/ASI/Multicultural Ministries, Lake Union Conference ) and Loewen Recalled (Advent Source).
We are looking forward to seeing you all in February!                                                             
How to register
This Congress has been  strategically designed  for the young delegates to connect, network and build community together in a  retreat settting.  The goal is for young delegates and church leadership to bond and establish deep and intimate relationships by coming and staying together at the hotel. So, we're encouraging everyone to 'come away for awhile' and take time to build a community together.
  1. Create an account with AdventSource.

  2. Confirm your account by checking your e-mail.

  3. Proceed to registration with this link.

  4. Fill out the information that is required. Especially your home church, conference and the name of your pastor.

  5. You may register as a group. (Up to Quad-Occupancy Available). We recommend you register as a group of 3 or 4.

  6. Give us your feedback of the registration by sending us an email at
Our main speaker
Jeffrey Rosario is an evangelist, revivalist, and trainer. His “down to earth” demeanor, biblically sound preaching, and apologetic leanings have made him a featured and favorite speaker all over the world, including such far flung places as Nepal and New Zealand. Still a young man of 29, Jeffrey has been in full-time ministry since he was 17 years old. In 2010 Jeffrey formally joined the ARISE team, though he had been utilized as a visiting instructor for five years prior. He is presently sharpening his writing talents via various articles and blogs, and is working on his first book which will be released later this year. Jeffrey is married to Marianna, a student, and enjoys videography, reading, and avoiding the outdoors.  
Our Conference Youth Directors
This Congress will also be a great opportunity to intermingle with pastors, Youth Directors, Ministerial Directors and even Conference and Union Presidents.
Let us now introduce you to the Conference Youth Directors who have been Called to Serve and will join us at the Youth Evangelism Congress! Learn more about them here.
To join Youth and Young Adults in the Lake Union Conference to be inspired, trained, and resourced to use their lives to share the good news of the Kingdom of God.    
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