HAPPY 2019!
New Year. New You?

We are one week (already!) into the new year. So here's a question for you: are you the type to set resolutions? If so, do you keep them? Come February many resolutions go by the wayside because: a) we are all human, and b) drastically changing our ways is challenging.

But the chance to welcome every new year in with a "new you" is appealing on many fronts. I, for one, have set resolutions in years past, but find myself slipping into old habits within a few months (um, sometimes in just weeks).

So, how can we keep ourselves accountable to the resolutions we've set? What works for me is to set attainable goals - baby steps, if you will. For example, if your resolution is to get more serious about your yoga practice, consider picking just two or three classes a week that you know you can schedule into your busy life. Put them into your calendar and make an effort to go to them. If you miss a class, don't engage in self-sabotage by feeling guilty or letting go of your intention. Instead, try to do a little movement on that day (a few sun salutations or even cat/cow poses) and some mindful breathing or meditation. Remember, even 5 minutes will feel better than none.

If you don't know where to start in your own self-practice, visit my website for audio and video classes to get you going. If you need an accountability buddy, I'm your girl! I'll happily send you reminders. Keep in mind that I also create personalized videos for students. If you're interested, drop me an email to get started.

On New Year's Day, I shared my thoughts on what I'm leaving behind in 2018, and what this will give me access to in 2019. In order to make any positive changes, we must first acknowledge what is right in front of us or holding us back from transformation. Perhaps my short blog post will resonate with your vision for this year.

On another note, I've modified my diet, and am now trying something new. I've never focused on my diet (aside from becoming pescatarian years ago). If you are curious why I'm trying out the predominantly plant-based ketotarian diet, or about nutrition in general, head over to the 'recipes' page on my website. I'll continue to post recipes, but I'm no Julia Child, so I'd also be thrilled to receive any yummy recipes you might want to share.

Finally, for those of you ready to master handstand in 2019, let's start a revolution with this resolution. I will teach you various tricks to get upside down! You can start with the comprehensive strength-and-stretch training outlined in my 30-Day Handstand Challenge posted on my site. Who's in? Let me know! I'll be your teacher and biggest cheerleader.

The first step in creating a stronger, more empowered "new you" is commitment no matter what your resolutions are. You've got this.
Pop-Up Power Class
YogaSource Palo Alto

Tues., Jan. 15th

Bay Area Yogis, apparently you can't get rid of me. I'll be back in just a week.

I hope to see you at my Pop-Up Power Yoga class at YogaSource Palo Alto. The class will be heated, but not overly so. Grab a friend and come flow with me...because we all know yoga is better with friends.
Seattle Yoga Lounge
Every Monday at noon

I have been happily teaching at the Seattle Yoga Lounge since the beginning of November. It's a lovely heated studio on the edge of Seattle's picturesque Green Lake. If you're in the area, please carve out a little time for a sweaty hour of power. I plan to add more public classes in Seattle, so stay tuned for updates.
March 2-9, 2019
Only two spots left for my amazing yoga retreat to Panama!

Some of you who follow my social media pages, most likely saw my little series of fun facts called the "12 Days of Panama." In case you missed it, go to Instagram and search #12daysofpanama to better understand why this is such an intriguing country.

Want to snag one of the last spots? Click "Bucket List Trip" to register. See you on the beach!
Southern France
October 5-12, 2019
Come explore your yoga practice, as you also explore all that the gorgeous Dordogne region has to offer.

We will enjoy farm-to-table meals, winemaking and tasting, explore French history and culture, do lots of yoga and meditation, and leave plenty of time to recharge by the pool and hike around the countryside.
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