Tips to Help You Reach Your Target

In the new year, how many of you will look at the marketing plan for your business? It's a good idea to review your marketing plan at least quarterly.  This allows you to make adjustments towards your goals and to keep those campaigns a priority for you and your staff.

#1 Visit your goals for 2018 and have your target market in mind.

#2 Review what you have written down.  Did you implement all the campaigns? Did you measure them? Which ones worked or failed? Did you successfully reach your target market?

#3 Repeat those strategies which worked and either modify or nix those that did not give you the return you had expected. 

#4 Look for new ways to reach your target market.

#5 Implement your past successful strategies and new ones to reach your goals in #1.

#6 Plan to review your marketing plan once a quarter and share with your staff.  As you may have noticed in #2, there were items in there which you forgot to implement last year.  If you have forgotten them, then you know your staff has as well.

So, dust off that marketing plan and start implementing those campaigns and driving sales. And as always, give me a call if you need any help!

From all of us at MMD, we wish you a  Happy, Healthy and Prosperous  New Year!


~ Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc.
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