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Let Us Never Grow Weary Working for Justice for All People.


FCLNY organizes, implements and participates in human rights events, including protests and counter protests, parades, marches, rallies, celebrations AND fundraisers.

March for Life, Washington, D.C.

Rallied with Rehumanize International, New Wave Feminists, Pro-Life Pro-Black, Democrats for Life of America, and the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. Guest on MFL’s Main Stage.

ROC March for Life, Rochester, NY

Promoted and participated in MFL, with ROC LOVE WILL END ABORTION, The Frederick Douglass Foundation, and Students for Life of America.

Pushing for Peace Anti-War Demonstration, Buffalo, NY

Organized and engaged in an anti-war rally opposing war in Ukraine. Partnered with the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center for sock giveaway (200+ pairs) to families impacted by violence in the Ukraine. Promoted linkage to humanitarian aid, including from humanitarian workers inside the Ukraine.

CPCs (Pregnancy Resource Centers) Save Lives! Counter-Protest, Rochester, NY

Rallied in counter protest to protests against pregnancy resource centers, spearheaded by pro-choice special interests in Rochester.

5th Annual Celebration, NYC

Hosted NYC event featuring keynote speaker, Teresa Collett, Esq. Attorney Collett provided updates and commentary on the pending legal challenge to NY’s Reproductive Health Act. Margaret Colin, our very own honorary board member and award-winning actor also spoke to the crowd and presented Carol Crossed, FCLNY’s board president and long-standing civil and human rights activist, with the Non-Violent Feminist of the Year Award. The room was filled with a new generation of pro-life/consistent life activists and friends, including from the World Youth Alliance, Students for Life of America and NYC pregnancy resource centers.

Spring Picnic, Rochester, NY

Hosted informative, fun picnic for FCLNY supporters and friends.

Aroma Young Women’s Group, Alden, NY

Conducted outreach and presented on the work of FCLNY to a group of upcoming potential activists, committed to a life-affirming culture!

Feminist Genius Brunch, 

White Plains, NY

Tabled and networked at this popular

outreach in the NYC area to women excited

to speak for life.

Great Baby Beginnings! Buffalo, NY

Promoted and conducted outreach at this fundraising event for Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network, a non-profit devoted to “empower[ing] women, fathers and families to take charge of bettering their family health and well-being by providing education, support, advocacy, and connection to resources and services.”

Children Awaiting Parents (CAP), Rochester, NY

Sponsored and attended CAP’s annual fundraiser and premiered FCLNY’s newest video, Organize, Agitate, Educate. CAP is a non-profit committed to linking foster care children with adoptive families, with an emphasis on finding families for teenagers, sibling groups and/or children with special needs.

The Human Life Review, Great Defenders of Life, NYC

Sponsored and conducted outreach at this annual fundraiser. The Human Life Review is a critically acclaimed “academic-quality journal devoted to civilized discussion of legal, philosophical, medical, scientific, and moral perspectives on all life issues.” The journal covers not only “abortion but also euthanasia, suicide, neonaticide, genetic engineering, cloning, fetal and embryonic stem cell research and experimentation, and new issues as they emerge.” 

Beacon of Life Pregnancy Support Center/Maternity Home/My Choice, New Windsor, NY

Sponsored Beacon’s 2022 annual fundraiser, Together for Life. Beacon of Life also serves the Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley as well as the My Choice Pregnancy Care Center, both of which comprehensively assist underserved pregnant women and children 

The Bridge to Life, College Point, NY

Sponsored Bridge’s 30th anniversary fundraiser. This pregnancy resource center throughout the years has served tens of thousands of women and children in NY. It not only offers tangible needed resources but “evidence based, life-affirming” information and education on pregnancy and parenting.

The Margaret Home, Rochester, NY

Sponsored and attended this maternity home’s annual fundraiser. The Margaret Home however is more than a maternity home! It includes a “residential empowerment program that revives hope for mothers who maintain a limited or broken support network and who struggle with the often-invisible wounds of trauma.

CNY Solidarity Coalition, Syracuse, NY

Promoted anti-weaponized drones/anti-militarism protests organized by the CNY Solidarity Coalition. Please see FCLNY’s Events! Web page.

Please also see our Community Encounters page.


FCLNY organizes, hosts, moderates and attends panel discussions,

debates, symposiums, lectures and seminars in addition to supporting and/or collaborating on research projects.

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United States Supreme Court Amicus Brief, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health,

240 Women Scholars and Professionals, and Pro-Life Feminist Organizations.

FCLNY served as lead organizational amici on this brief, cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Justice Samuel Alito:

The contending sides in this case make impassioned and conflicting arguments about the effects of the abortion right on the lives of women. Compare Brief for Petitioners 34–36; Brief for Women Scholars et al. as Amici Curiae 13–20, 29–41, with Brief for Respondents 36–41; Brief for National Women’s Law Center et al. as Amici Curiae 15–32. 

Rehumanize International Conference, Virtual

Sponsored and presented at Rehumanize’s annual conference, an event that gains more attention and traction each year. FCLNY presented on Post Roe Activism in Pro-Abortion States.

The David Network Conference, Washington, D.C.

Served on the conference’s Pro-Life Feminism panel, along with other pro-life feminist organizations, including Secular Pro-Life. This conference was organized by Ivy League clubs at universities and colleges, including Cornell, MIT and Stanford.

Transformation Comes From The Sweat of Historical Legacies, Rochester, NY


Presented as panelist on panel titled: How Legacies Inspire Education that Embraces Black Contributions to Local and National History. Event occurred at the Central Church of Christ and included Carol Crossed, Walter L. Cooper, Minister Clifford Florence and Jacqueline Sprague. 

St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry, Rochester, NY

Promoted St. Bernard’s seminar, Moral Decision Making in Uncertain Times.

NOW- NY State Conference, The Personal is Political, Virtual

Attended the NOW-NY state conference, featuring a slew of speakers, including NY Governor Kathy Hochul. FCLNY believes it is imperative we stay informed on the strategies and philosophies of all aspects of the abortion movement in NY.

M.K.Gandi Institute for Nonviolence, Rochester, NY

Marketed events hosted and organized by the Gandhi Institute, including Nonviolent Communication: Communicating For Change and the CHANGEMAKER Retreat. Please see FCLNY’s Events!  Web page.

University of Rochester, Obstetrics and Gynecology, UR Medicine, Virtual

Attended and participated in this OBGYN Grand Rounds, Understanding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

Please also see our Scholarly Events page.


FCLNY hosts film pre-screenings and viewings, and writes, directs and produces video commentaries and vignettes. 

NY’s Reproductive Health Act (RHA) - Women’s Safety?


Created and promoted video on the RHA’s impacts, with a corresponding research report: New York and Other State Abortion Guidelines. Who Can Perform Later-Term Abortions and Where? Impacts on Women 

Read the Full RHA Report Here

The Matter of Life, A Documentary Film About Abortion, East Aurora, Amherst, Lancaster, Rochester, NY

Hosted pre and post screenings of this award winning film. Organized and engaged in panel discussions and presented to audiences on NY abortion policy and the work of FCLNY. Provided free tickets to attend film premier in Rochester.

Click Here for More Info About the Film

This is What We Do! Video Interview

FCLNY candidly interviews executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Canandaigua County regarding their authentic work.

Please also see our Film Involvement page.


FCLNY develops social media campaigns and submits publishable commentary to news outlets, including educational opinion essays and press releases. We also appear on TV, radio, and on other media platforms.


Feedback: Readers Weigh in on Pregnancy Resource Center Coverage

Rochester City Newspaper


Consider History When Thinking of Racism and Abortion

Democrat & Chronicle

Other Options

NY Daily News

Peace: Investigating the Meaning of the Consistent Life Ethic During War Time

Buffalo Latino Village

Budget Helps Impoverished Pregnant Women


Old Fight is New Again for Unborn

Albany Times Union

Advances in Science, Medicine Lower the Age of Fetal Viability

Buffalo News


They're not Religious. But They Oppose Abortion

Christianity Today

​For New York's Anti-Abortion Veterans, Roe's Fall Is Not a Full Victory

The New York Times

In New York, Anti-Abortion Centers Outnumber Abortion Clinics

The New York Times

Anti-Abortion Feminism: How is this even a thing?

Radical Philosophy

Historic Roe v. Wade Ruling a Momentous Day for Many in Rochester for Different Reasons

Democrat & Chronicle

Pro-life Groups and Politicians Celebrate Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

NY Daily News

Leaked Abortion Opinion Draft Add Fuel To The Fire Of Political Debate Over Roe vs. Wade

Democrat & Chronicle


The Impacts of Living in a Post-Roe America

NBC News

What Will It Truly Mean to be "Pro-Life" after Abortion is Banned in many American States


​Local Reaction to President Biden's Executive Order Signing

TV News, Channel 10

NYS Lawmakers Vote on Gun, Abortion Measures

TV News, Channel 13

​Congressman Joe Morelle Hosts Town Hall on Women's Health and Abortion Rights

TV News, Channel 13

​Roe vs. Wade Decision

News 12, The Bronx

Local, Regional Reaction to Roe v. Wade Getting Overturned by SCOTUS

On-line News Video, Finger Lakes 1.com

'Stay Out of My House!': Just Part of the Reaction to the Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

TV News, Channel 10

Overturning of Roe v. Wade Causes Whirlwind of Emotions in Western New York

TV News, Channel 13

​Officials React to Scotus Roe v. Wade Leak

WIVB.com, YouTube

Abortion Divide: Reaction from the Pro-choice, Pro-life Movements

TV News, Channel 7

Planned Parenthood of Central & Western NY Expanding in Anticipation of Roe v. Wade

On-line News Video, Finger Lakes 1.com, NY

​Hochul Announces $35 Million to Support Abortion Providers

TV News, Channel 10

​Abortion Providers in Western NY Prepare to Expand Care to Women From Other States

TV News, Channel 13

​Planned Parenthood Rally Held At Parcel Five

TV News, Channel 10

​Supreme Court Leak Ignites Local Roe v. Wade Debate

TV News, Channel 13

​Pro-life and Pro-Choice Groups React to Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion

TV News, Channel 10

​Planned Parenthood Calls Possible Abortion Overturn 'Controlling,' Others Say It Will Re-Humanize

Rochester First

​Both Sides In The Abortion Debate React To The Court Leak

TV News Channel 7

​Advocacy Groups In WNY Weigh In On Supreme Court Draft Opinion

TV News Channel 4

Please also see our Media Outreach for

hyperlinked articles.


FCLNY conducts grassroots outreach in a variety of contexts and settings, including public forum canvassing and sign drives, billboard operations, informal dialogue campaigns and book and film clubs.

Billboard Campaign, Stop the Violence: Repeal the RHA, Buffalo, Rochester, NY

Public Canvassing: Survey on NY Abortion Policy/ Women’s Needs, Buffalo, Rochester, NY

Read the questionnaire and our campaign goals here

Book & Film Clubs, Virtual


Subjects of discussions included, Wholistic Feminism: Healing the Identity Crises Caused by the Women’s Movement, by Leah Jacobson. The Family Roe: An American Story, by Joshua Prager, At Play in the Lion’s Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan, by Jim Forest and Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All, by Aimee Murphy. FCLNY’s book discussions are moderated by Dr. Alisia Chase, feminist and scholar extraordinaire! For upcoming Book & Film Clubs see our website and follow us on social media.

A Call to Cancel Accounts with Abortion Supporting Corporations, Virtual

After Dobbs overturned Roe, companies began to create corporate policies that covered the expenses of employees traveling out of state for abortions. In opposition to this, we asked folks to consider closing their accounts with these companies.  

Please also see our Grassroots Campaigns page.


FCLNY creates, implements and participates in diverse public education projects that highlight the effects of publicly sanctioned lethal violence on women and children and available resources to help meet their needs.

On-Line Resource Indexes

Created and promoted three new on-line resource indexes: Adoption Resource Index, Bread & Bed Resource Index and Survivors of DVAST Resource Index. Updated our Pregnancy Resource Centers Index. Please click on the names of each index to review as well as the reasons why we think they are so crucial.

The Monarca Project, Rochester, NY

We are so excited to announce the launching of the Monarca Project, a collaborative project with Angels of Mercy. Monarca is a monthly peer support group for women impacted by trauma, including domestic and community violence, abortion, and sexual abuse. 

Read more about this project

DVAST Hotline Poster Campaign, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse


With the help of our brilliant interns (Anna, Marie, Rachel and Cecilia!) FCLNY distributed Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking (DVAST) Hotline Posters to Planned Parenthoods and Community Health Centers across NY’s Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse regions. Many PP’s that are required by NY law to post the human trafficking hotline DID NOT. See more on this campaign, HERE.

Read more about this campaign

Women & Children’s Resource Fairs, Albany, Rochester

In coordination with inner-city churches in both cities, and Feminists for Nonviolent Choices in Rochester, FCLNY hosted and conducted outreach to poor families, offering linkage and information to vital social services and other essential programs benefiting low-income pregnant women and children. A multitude of pregnancy resource centers joined us, including Birthright of Schenectady, Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center of Albany, Alight Center of the Hudson Valley, Caring Choices Pregnancy Help Center, and other resource organizations, including Bethany House, The Margaret Home, Exercise Express, S.N.U.G (Anti-Violence Initiative) and Excellus Health/ Blue Cross/Blue Shield- Safety Net.

In coordination with C.H.O.I.C.E.S. pregnancy resource center, FCLNY also collected and distributed a variety of essential goods, including diapers, wipes, formula, infant and children’s clothing, toys, and other infant and children supplies to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Please also see our Projects that Empower page.


FCLNY organizes and participates in both direct and grassroots lobbying on targeted policy issues as well as coordinated media outreach.

New York State Legislature, Albany, Local District Offices

EXPANSIVE MEASURES REGARDING MATERNAL AND CHILD WELLBEING, 10 Bill PackageClick here for bills and bill memoranda.

Dear NYS Legislator:


Feminists Choosing Life of NY (FCLNY) is a statewide human rights organization that educates on the root causes and impacts of publicly sanctioned lethal violence.


We have compiled a ten (10) bill package containing expansive measures that support maternal and child wellbeing.


Please find below pending laws we ask you to carefully consider; eight (8) we urge you to enact, and two (2) we ask you to oppose, on behalf of not only your constituents, but women and children across our great state.

Researched, compiled and distributed our 10 bill packet with accompanying memoranda to all members of the NYS Senate and Assembly. Spoke with legislators, and relevant Committee Chairs, in both the NYS Senate and Assembly. Conducted grassroots calls to action on full bill packet, and coordinated press, including with Feminists for Life of America.

Assemblymember Al Taylor & FCLNY's ED

Local NY Town Boards, Henrietta and North Hempstead, NY

Promoted petition calling on Henrietta’s town board to vote no to Planned Parenthoods (PP) request to relocate within the Rochester area with a special use permit. Rallied too at the Henrietta Town Hall in opposition to PP’s request. Prepared and submitted statement to North Hempstead’s Town Board opposing the repeal of the Pregnancy Termination Facilities Ordinance of the Town of North Hempstead (PTF).

U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C.


Women’s Health Protection Act (S.1970). Conducted grassroots calls to action that helped defeat this federal bill that threatened to obliterate state pro-life laws and to legalize abortion on demand, essentially, throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

World Beyond Wars (WBW). Circulated and signed petition Against the War in Ukraine.

WBW Petition: We are alarmed by the increasing tensions between the nuclear-armed governments of the U.S. (and its NATO allies) and Russia and are extremely concerned about what seems to be the increasing likelihood of war. We must raise our voices.



Other, Virtual

Stop the Violence! Stop the Execution!  Created and circulated petition asking the Texas Governor and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to take Taylor Rene Parker off death-row and reverse her sentence to life in prison without parole. Ms. Parker was given the death penalty in November, 2022 for murdering and kidnapping a pregnant women and her unborn child. 

Please review and consider signing the petition, HERE.  

Please also see our Legislative Advocacy page.

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