New Year's Resolutions

So what are the Best New Year’s Resolutions?

Before we answer that, we need to realize
The difference between a Resolution and a Goal.

A Resolution
is a decision to (not) do a specific behavior, like eating too much ice cream before bed.

A Goal
is a series of calculated steps designed to help you achieve the resolution, like starting a mindfulness meditation practice at bedtime.

By this definition, it may be more straightforward to think of Goals as the planned-out process of achieving your Resolution. 

In other words, Your Resolution is your Desired Outcome. 
Your Goals are the steps you take to accomplish Them.

Goals, not solutions, are the key to long-term success.
And the secret to setting compelling goals is knowing WHY it is you want what you want –finding purpose and meaning in your goals. Creating compelling goals will help you stay inspired, even when times get tough.

So, what are the Best New Year’s Resolutions?
The best New Year’s Resolutions have Purpose, Passion and Vision behind them.

Why New Year’s resolutions fail
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A message from DebW
Voice and General Manager WW Philadelphia
December 29, 2021

Hello WW Philadelphia Member,

Here we are, time to put 2021 to bed and move to 2022.

This was quite a year for me. I accepted this position with WW Philadelphia and falling in love with the Members and Staff in the area has been the very easiest part. I have worked at getting closer to my goal weight than I have been in nearly 20 years. I choose to avoid deprivation through the month of December and realized I have truly evolved into a new animal, the one who eats a chocolate or two and not a BOX of chocolates. While I’m proud of that accomplishment I still know I’m only one step away from my next tailspin of eating too much and I have a different sense of balance and awareness. I’m thankful for that as I move into the new year.

There have been times in my life when I have eaten enough tuna to make Charlie Tuna even more rich and enough chicken to grow pin feathers. My volume eating survival trick of eating a smallish punch bowl of salad (mostly lettuce) hasn’t been needed as often as it used to be either.

I come from a family of civilians (natural healthy weight people) and the only people who have understood my overeating/weight dilemma are the people I know through WW. When I sit in a workshop, I hear Members say things I think about, successes I can relate to no matter how small, and challenges or struggles where many of us continue to seek victory. The best part is after all these years as a Member, I still hear helpful tips and ideas from other Members and the Workshop Team.

Using the new PersonalPoints plan has been an enjoyable experience for me. My plan is different from your plan because I can build my plan around my favorite healthy food choices. The best part of that is when I need to switch it up either seasonally or because I’m not eating one of my ZeroPoint foods as often as I thought I would, it’s easy to retake the Food Engine (assessment quiz). I also LOVE having the option of adding POINTS to my budget by eating more veggies. There are times I need that incentive.

I know one of the most mundane parts of the plan for many Members can be the tracking. Here’s why I must track; I suffer from something I call food amnesia. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, so I eat it again before lunch. At least when I track breakfast I can look back and remind myself I didn’t accidentally miss a meal. Good Grief!

To those of you that are current Members, THANK YOU for allowing us to guide/support/motivate you to your healthy weight goals, and to those of you who are former Members and have been thinking about coming back, DON’T WAIT. You are worth the effort, you are worth the time, you are worthy of being a better you for yourself and those you love. Plus, we have a great joining offer for you at and it expires on January 8th so don’t procrastinate.

I remember the last time I joined WW. I had made a commitment to eat my way through December (probably gained more than a few pounds) and then join in January. January came and I found multiple reasons (excuses) to not join until the third week of January, giving me even more time to gain a few more pounds while I ate large servings of food I thought I’d never be able to enjoy again. I WAS WRONG!

While the PersonalPoints Plan is extremely flexible it also has the structure WW Members need to stay on track when the going gets harder. YOU can do it, we can help.

Happy, Healthy New Year,
General Manager
4 Pillars for a healthy lifestyle ...and a fun holiday!
• Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep
Food: Eat. Drink & Be Merry.
No Deprivation This Holiday!
Activity: Tips to Achieve Your New Year's Weight Loss Goals!
Mindset: Positive thinking To Achieve New Year's Goals!
Sleep: Getting More Sleep Should Top Your List of Goals!
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WW Philadelphia (Weight Watchers)
is looking for
WW Lifetime Members
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and interested in sharing their passion for the WW program with other WW Members. Is that YOU?

Guide and Coach positions are open throughout the WW Philadelphia area including our operations in New Jersey. Comprehensive training is offered and compensation is paid for all assignments. It is immensely satisfying work and you will be able to accept assignments that fit your schedule, as positions are part-time.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as an inspiration, think again. It’s a really exciting time to try something new that benefits so many!

Contact us at 215-648-1000 or
Fun recipes to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home!
Many of us will be ringing in 2022 from home. Chances are you’re ready to say goodbye to 2021 and start fresh. How about welcoming the New Year with a home-cooked meal for your household, your small social pod, or even just for yourself? A meal doesn’t have to be overly elaborate or fancy to feel festive.
Happy cooking—and happy New Year!
Please Note: Meetings and Virtual Meetings will be closed after 3 PM on Friday, December 31st and all day on January 1st.
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Please Note: Meetings and Virtual Meetings will be closed after 3 PM on Friday, December 31st and all day on January 1st.

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