A Successful Fundraiser & Internship Program During COVID,
Screenplay Finalist Award-winner &
Top Status On Screenwriter Web Site!
Family, friends, former students, colleagues, and other supporters, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well as we begin 2022!

The Pursuit Studio had quite a busy 2021 claiming a number of achievements with your support! Here are some of the highlights (primarily in chronological order):

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  • The Emmy-nominated art director for the successful Bridgerton original Netflix series began tracking Thorn Trees! We are viewing this as an encouraging sign concerning the value of the project.
  • Received notification by Coverfly, a top international screenwriting competitions website, that our Thorn Trees script is in the:
  • Top 12% of all 65,000+ screenplays
  • Top 13% of 18,000+ drama screenplays
  • Top 17% of 9,000+ one-hour TV screenplays, and
  • Top 17% of 4,000+ one-hour drama TV screenplays
  • Began seeking and meeting with potential producing partners and crew members for biopic short films adapted and to be adapted from short stories (Gifts, Back-Up the Truck, & Dolls).
  • On a personal note...I (Val) was invited to participate in what will be my first acting role in a scene in an episodic series pilot slated for production in April 2022. "A Thousand Miles" is being directed by Andrew Rothkin of White Rabbit Productions.
Creativity & Storytelling 'Zine: Special Edition - International Women's Day Issue
International Women's Day 2021 Campaign Theme Was...

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A very special thanks to the Thorn Trees team members associated with the project who actively worked on it in 2021:

Jacob Larch (Co-creator/Screenwriter/Producer)
Valerie Michele Oliver (Co-creator/Screenwriter/Producer)
Bernadette Montana (Producer)
Bruce Nahin (Co-producer)
Alisha Solaiman (Assistant Producer)
Irene Krawczuk (Associate Producer, Content Editor)
Molly Shilling (Assistant Producer, Intern)
Rachel Kaufman (Assistant Producer, Intern)
Clarissa Labady (Assistant Producer, Intern) (Assistant Producer, Intern)
Mariannjely Marval (Assistant Producer, Intern)

What's Happening As We Begin 2022?
We are currently packaging the Thorn Trees project and welcome meetings with production companies to co-produce the pilot, seasoned showrunners, and well-established directors for post-pilot first-season episodes opportunities for this unique, witch-themed, historical-based, period-drama prequel to the Salem witch trials set in the U.K. during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Thank you for your support!
We wish you and your family safety, wellness, wonder, peace,
and a prosperous 2022 and beyond!
Blessings always, Val