January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year to our clients and friends!

We are happy to kick off the new year with a rundown of our favorite moments of 2023, as well as some predictions for 2024.

Looking forward to keeping in touch in the new year and being a part of your IP journey!

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Efrat Kasznik & The Foresight Team
Quote of the Month: "Another challenge that our clients encounter is how to value data and other digital assets. These types of assets account for a growing portion of a company’s value, and yet they are not well understood from a valuation standpoint. Data assets need to be valued separately from other intangible assets using unique and evolving methodologies, which rely on the business models associated with them.

-- Efrat Kasznik, Foresight President, Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024 Interview
Foresight's 2023 Highlights
Foresight President Selected for Inclusion in IAM Strategy 300 (11th Year) and Strategy 300 Global Leaders (3rd Year)

Foresight President, Efrat Kasznik, was selected for inclusion in the IAM Strategy 300 for the 11th year in a row, as well as in the new publication, Strategy 300 Global Leaders for a 3rd year in a row (every year since its inception).

The IAM Strategy 300 showcases the top experts in the IP world. It is the only resource of its kind, acknowledging leaders from across in-house, private practice and service provider roles. IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders draws from the universe of private practice, consulting and other IP service providers, with specialists from the major IP markets in North America, Europe and Asia. 

Ms. Kasznik was interviewed for the IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024 issue, sharing her experience regarding IP commercialization trends, the role of AI in IP services, and what are some of the pressing challenges that Foresight clients are facing these days.

"Managing IP Value in Startups and Emerging Ventures": New Education Course Developed for LES USA-Canada

Foresight has participated in the creation of a new IP Valuation course, as part of the Education curriculum of LES USA-Canada. This 7 hour course was specifically designed to provide tools, models and practical advice on how to manage and grow the value of IP assets as strategic business assets in startups and other early stage ventures. As startups grow into Unicorns (pre-exit valuation of over $1 billion) faster than ever, it is critical to make sure they have the right IP foundation to attract funding, enter new markets and achieve a successful exit. 

Through a combination of class discussion, case studies, interactive group assignments and analysis of current events, the course explores topics including: 

  • The startup lifecycle and valuation: from funding to exit
  • The intersection of IP valuation and startup valuation
  • Creating an IP portfolio that is aligned with startup valuation growth
  • Using big data analytics and pricing databases in making IP decisions
  • Leveraging IP assets for funding, growth and exit
  • The investor's perspective on IP value: Debt v. Equity Funding
  • IP valuation considerations in exit: Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding IP Matters" Podcast:
"IP Investing - What is it? Who does it? Why it matters?"

Investing today means taking a stake in company-defining rights, like patents, copyright and trademarks. Technology and product investors are IP investors - even if many do not realize it. Who are they? How do they measure success? What do they mean to innovation?

In Episode 8 of Season 2 of his podcast “Understanding IP Matters,” Bruce Berman interviewed Efrat Kasznik, president of Foresight Valuation Group, and Adam Gill, founder and managing director of Chicago-based GLS Capital, who specializes in IP litigation funding.

Our IP Predictions for 2024
What Lies Ahead:
Here’s What IP Practitioners Will Be Watching in 2024
"Patents are definitely having a moment, and investors are paying attention. This trend is particularly visible in old-school “low tech” industries, like construction, where companies are looking to disrupt traditional industries and are using patents to create a moat around their product. This trend is also visible in industries that rely on patents more frequently, like cleantech and aviation, where companies are actually spending time and money to craft a robust patent portfolio before going to market, closely aligned with product development. This trend is poised to become more prevalent in 2024, as funding is getting harder and companies need to show more value in their assets.”

(Efrat Kasznik's predictions as contributed to an IP Watchdog annual survey of IP professionals)
Think Big:
Tell Us Your Wildest New Year Dreams for IP
“At the dawn of a new year, it is once again time to wish that better awareness of IP management and value creation emerges in the US corporate world. It is broadly agreed upon that in order to keep the lead on innovation, IP needs to be top of mind for US corporations. And yet, there are groups who control resources and strategies in the corporate world, who lack the basic understanding of how IP brings value, creates a strategic advantage or mitigates risk. It is incumbent upon boards of directors, VC investors, C-Suite executives, and similar groups to pay more attention to IP strategy, making it a regular part of their duties."

(Efrat Kasznik's predictions as contributed to an IP Watchdog annual survey of IP professionals)
Upcoming Events
Navigating the Intellectual Property Maze: A Board's Guide to Maximizing Value and Mitigating Risk (Virtual Event), Private Directors Association

Mismanaging Intellectual Property can not only diminish a company's potential but also expose the board to legal liabilities. Foresight President, Efrat Kasznik, will join an expert panel that will address the multifaceted world of IP through the lens of board governance, exploring:
  1. IP Value: How IP contributes to the company's market worth and potential.
  2. IP Stewardship: Identifying the right custodians of IP within the organization
  3. Critical IP Questions: What the board should be asking to safeguard IP interests.
Trade Secrets, Data and AI: Assets for Growing Business and Generating Revenue (Half-Day Hybrid Event),
Licensing Executives Society (LES), USA-Canada

Join LES USA & Canada to hear how non-patented assets, including trade secrets, data, and AI, have become prominent drivers of value and revenue across industries. Leading in-house and outside counsel and professionals will share real-life, practical tips and takeaways regarding legal and business strategies for protecting and monetizing these assets.