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We've got a super exciting year coming up in 2017.  There are so many wonderful events, workshops and classes to choose from: Vegetarian Hands-On Cooking Classes, Australia Day Kirtan Party, A Celebration of Kirtan, Restorative Yoga Class, the list goes on.....

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 by Acharya das

Valuable Lessons For A Successful Life

We typically think that one who is recognized for his talents or worldly achievements is a “successful” person. Increasingly, people equate driving a Mercedes Benz, owning a large apartment, or wearing fashionable designer-label clothes with “success.” But from the point of view of yoga self-realization, it is a mistake to think that material wealth is real success.

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Japa Yoga - Meditation On Beads

This meditation can be practiced sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. It is also nice to walk along the beach or in a park practicing this meditation.

Raw Ganache Cake

This would have to be my favourite raw food dessert so far.  It is decadent, but oh so healthy and it sure satisfies that sweet tooth.  Combining Avocados and dates with a nut base and fresh berries is a real winner. 

Cooling Asanas for the Hot Summer Months

Summer is a time of heat and humidity especially here in Queensland. Mostly people try to avoid it by either staying in air conditioning or swimming. The really good thing about practicing asanas in summer is that it softens our muscles and helps us ease into stretches with grace, hence the popularity of ‘hot yoga’. 

Sitali - Rolled Tongue Breathing
This breathing practice cools the body and calms the mind. It also induces our muscles to relax and is said to help reduce blood pressure and acid stomach.  However those who suffer from low blood pressure and constipation are advised to refrain from the practice. It is also not recommended to do in the winter months.

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Health Goals for 2017

Seeing as it’s the beginning of the year, I thought we could take some time to reflect on some goals for our wellbeing. While the majority of the population may be setting health goals around dieting, weight-loss or specific fitness goals, there is an opportunity for the yogi to pursue a slightly different approach to health that supports their spiritual journey.

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Are you craving a deeper connection with yourself and others? 
Maybe you are someone who needs to learn how to manage stress?
Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to develop your spirituality?

Monday 23rd & 30th January 8-9.15pm
Saturday 11th February 1-3pm

Become A Yoga Asana & Meditation Teacher
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Develop your spirituality
Take your health to the next level
Make a living doing something you love
Give back to the community
Help people transform their life

Next Gold Coast Yoga Teacher Training course starts 29 January 2016

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Live Kirtan Programs
Clap, sway and dance as we weave together melody, music and mantra. Immerse yourself in this simultaneously meditative, exhilarating and fun activity known as kirtan, the heart and soul of an evening at The Mantra Room.  

Whether you love Kirtan already or you’ve heard about it and want to find out what the buzz is all about, the Kirtan Getaway Retreat is for you!

Come away with the kirtan artists from The Mantra Room for 4 days of great music, beautiful sacred chanting, illuminating yoga wisdom talks by world renowned international speaker Acharya das, spellbinding vedic storytelling, sunrise meditations, yoga asana sessions, fresh, tasty vegetarian meals and fantastic workshops, sattvic yoga diet and deep yoga relaxation and breathing.

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