January 22, 2019, marks the 46th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade, legalizing a woman’s “right” to abortion. We can easily be deceived by the worldly view of abortion:
“Abortion is healthcare.”
“Abortion is a woman’s constitutional right.”
“My body, my choice.”
“Stop the war on women’s rights.”
“Pro-life is pro-hanger.”

Are our teens aware of the truth? The truth that a child is a gift and human life begins at conception?

On Wednesday, January 9th, St. Vincent de Paul teens are being given a valuable opportunity to hear the truth about human development and the horrific reality of abortion through the Heart of a Child Ministry’s pro-life presentation. Nikki Schaefer, founder of the ministry, and her team will be presenting their Pro-life message to the 7th through 12th grade CCD and Godteen groups. For more information on this ministry, please check out their website: https://www.heartofachildministries.org/

These students will have the opportunity to hear pro-life testimonies from speakers sharing their experiences with choosing adoption, refusing abortion despite pressure to do so, and an abortion worker’s conversion. The teens will also have the opportunity to be educated on the development of the baby and see a live ultrasound on pregnant volunteers. 
May this presentation give us the confidence and courage to defend the truth, for the truth will set us free (John 8:32).

We are the pro-life generation!