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January 4, 2021
New Year, New Opportunities For Change
For many, January is a terrifying month of reckoning in terms of unemployment, housing and critical financial resources.

At CARPLS, we have worked to respond to this need by making our services accessible to every Illinoisan within our network of partners. Out of the pandemic, we have been able to witness moments of the community coming together to ensure that no one has to face their legal issue alone. We celebrate for our clients when they are able to retain resources, and we deeply empathize with the traumatic moments they are facing.

Every contribution has been a blessing in helping us try to alleviate some of the monumental issues our friends, families, and community members are facing. Thank you for your continued support, and here is hoping that we can look to brighter days ahead. 
Hear from our CARPLS family on why supporting us helps our community for the better:
"I Was Able To Pour My Heart Out"
Natalie called CARPLS because she was experiencing repeated domestic violence. She was feeling overwhelmed and scared. The CARPLS attorney guided her through resources available to her and listened to her story.

She said, "I spoke to a woman who was very polite and very patient with me. I was able to pour my heart out. As I write I am still in tears thinking of all my pains that wouldn't go away. But one thing I am happy about is that from her advice as a lawyer. That to me was invaluable.

I really want to commend the lawyer I spoke with. She really listened to me. May God bless her and CARPLS."
Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
On January 18, honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., who championed the values of racial justice that CARPLS works hard to reflect in our work.
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Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Early Resolution Program (ERP)
Clients do not need to have a case in court to get help.

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New Leaf Illinois for cannabis expungements
New Leaf Illinois can help people in Illinois clear eligible cannabis convictions.

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Benny the Unemployment Bot
Benny is designed to help Illinoisans, who are unemployed, along the road to getting Illinois unemployment benefits. 

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