"Creating a new community way of living in Tulsa,
where neighbors become friends."
We are flying into this new decade with a renewed sense of energy and gratitude, because 2020 is the year that our dream community will finally become a reality.

It was exactly one year ago, in January of 2019, that we closed on our beautiful 4.8 acres of land that will become Heartwood Commons. Since then, we have been speeding through community milestones. We hired our architects, completed the designs for our community, added new neighbors, worked hard, and had a whole lot of fun.
As we begin 2020 we are are working with a local bank to secure our construction loan, and our architects are dotting the I's and crossing the T's before submitting our plans for permitting. With more that 50% of our homes pre-sold, we expect to break ground during the 2nd quarter of 2020. We can't wait to see our vision become a reality!
If you've been following the development of Heartwood Commons and thinking that you have plenty of time to decide...Don't Delay! Join us now while we still have homes available. There's still time to create your future, and help us create the culture of Heartwood Commons.
Start the conversation by contacting Suzy Sharp at 981-519-5298
Geothermal Update
The results of our geothermal test well are finally in and it's great news! They tell us it was one of the best test wells they’ve ever drilled. We’re excited to confirm that Heartwood Commons will use geothermal power. Geothermal fits perfectly with our values of sustainability and living lighter on the land. It will also save us considerably on our monthly utility bills and we won’t be disturbed by those noisy compressors when sitting on our porches.
$1 Million Community Investment Milestone Achieved!
On December 16 th we celebrated a significant milestone – Members of Heartwood Commons have invested $1,000,000 into the creation of the community. Heartwood Commons, like most cohousing communities, is a member led community in which the people who plan to live there are financial investors and intimately involved in the designing, financing and governance of the community.
Creating a cohousing community takes a lot of work. Yes, we’re designing and building 36 homes, a common house and other common amenities. Equally, if not more important, we’re creating a culture that values and supports the connections among us. That’s why we make sure to include lots of opportunities for fun and getting to know one another better.
Join us at one of these upcoming events!
Bringing Community into Focus: A Vision Board Activity
Saturday, January 11th, 1:00 - 3:30pm
Youth Services of Tulsa, 311 S Madison
(Youth Services is located 3 blocks west of Peoria between 3 rd and 4 th Streets. Look for the 2-story brick building with a metal roof that faces west.)

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, art and quotes designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

Join us for this fun, informal activity led by Lynn Rivers, Heartwood Commons member and artist, during which we’ll create a visual representation of our hopes and dreams for our future community. If one of your 2020 goals is to bring more community into your life, please consider coming to this event.

Please bring a snack to share, along with scissors, magazines, photos, sayings or quotations that you’re inspired by, and an openness to see what emerges from the activity. We’ll also have some collage materials on hand.
Introduction to Heartwood Commons
Saturday, January 18th, 10:30am
Zarrow Pointe, 2025 E 71 st St in the Town Center Building Theater Room (just past the outdoor pool)

More and more people are talking about cohousing. Why? Because it is an antidote to our culture's loss of connection and community. Join us to learn why cohousing is attracting so many people, get an update on our progress, view the designs, meet our members, and tour the land.
Explorer Orientation
Saturday, January 25th, 10:30am
Zarrow Pointe, 2025 E 71 st St in the Town Center Building Theater Room (just past the outdoor pool)

During this orientation for Explorers, you’ll learn more about the details of our development, investment structure, reserving your home, member benefits, financial and participation commitment and more.

While this orientation is for Explorers only, we’d love to talk with you about how you can become an Explorer to gain a deeper understanding of Heartwood Commons and decide first-hand if this is a good fit for you.

For more information, contact Suzy Sharp at 918-519-5298 or email heartwoodcommonstulsa@gmail.c om
Want to Learn More About Cohousing?
The Cohousing Association of the US is a great resource!

Cohousing is catching on everywhere in the world. And Cohousing.org gives you a wonderful way to find out more about the issues that concern cohousers everywhere. Sign up for their electronic newsletter to receive a twice monthly informative newsletter.
Learn More About Heartwood Commons
We're a local group of friendly, engaged and proactive adults who are working together to create Tulsa’s first cohousing community – a vibrant neighborhood where neighbors know and care about one another. We welcome you to come see our site, ask us questions, get to know the community, and participate in our meetings.
If you’ve been thinking about cohousing and you’d like to help create the community, literally, now’s the time get involved.
See our HOW TO GET INVOLVED page on our website.
Or call us at: ( 918) 519-5298.

The Land That Will Become Heartwood Commons

For more information about Heartwood Commons, check out our website , follow us on Facebook , call Suzy Sharp at
918-519-5298 or email heartwoodcommonstulsa@gmail.com .

Please note: for the time being, you'll also receive periodic emails from CoHousing Solutions , our development consultant. Their newsletters contain information about the cohousing movement and developments across the country.