Helping clients with safety and health problems is very important to us here at Wonder Makers. Michael has been in the safety field for 39 years!

He is both a Certified Safety Professional and a Safety Management Specialist.

You can click either the CSP or SMS badges below to view the requirements for having these designations.

Continuing his education and passion for safety, in November Michael successfully completed the Fire Loss Specialist SM (FLS ® ) certification program.
The premiere certification in the safety profession covers a wide range of safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) disciplines and is earned by individuals who demonstrate competency in the prevention of harm to individuals in the workplace.
Earned by individuals who work in the occupational health and safety sector and demonstrate competency in activities and management skills required for an organization's safe operation.
The FLS ® Advanced Certification Program is one of the four pillars of the enhanced Certified Restorer (CR) program. 
As safety professionals we watch for potential hazards in all of our field activities, whether Wonder Makers was hired as a safety consultant or for other purposes. A great way to build safety awareness in your organization is to follow the trends in OSHA citations to see what areas are causing problems that result in enforcement actions. The following list includes some perennial problems (deficiencies in chemical product safety training leading to Hazard Communication violations) and some that move in and out of the top 10 list (machine guarding). If any of these issues are also a concern for your company, call us at WM.

  1. Fall protection: 6,100
  2. Hazard communication standard: 3,671
  3. Scaffolding, general requirements: 2,813
  4. Control of hazardous energy (Lockout/Tagout or LOTO): 2,606
  5. Respiratory protection: 2,450
  6. Ladders: 2,345
  7. Powered industrial trucks: 2,093
  8. Fall protection:1,773
  9. Machinery and machine guarding: 1,743
  10. Electrical, wiring methods, components, and equipment: 1,411
In addition to safety, Wonder Makers specializes in indoor environmental issues. Asbestos identification and control is an area in which we have a long history of successful projects.

We have even developed an Asbestos Bulk Sampler that has greatly improved the efficiency of sample collection, and virtually eliminated the risk of adverse fiber exposure for the inspector!
Speaking of asbestos...while Michael was at a conference recently, he received information about the Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust. This is valuable information for anyone who thinks they might have asbestos-containing vermiculite in their homes.
From the ZAI website : "The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust (ZAI Trust) was created to help educate the public about the possible health effects of asbestos-containing vermiculite and to provide partial reimbursement for ZAI removal to qualified claimants. The Trust is expected to operate for a minimum of 20 years."

This month we are offering a Mold Remediation Technician class in Arizona!

January 14-16, 2020

Titan Restoration
2848 N Omaha
Mesa, AZ 85215

This course is a pre-requisite for the Mold Remediation Supervisor (MRS) and the Certified Mold Professional (CMP) classes. The MRT course consists of three days of training focused on teaching individuals how to set up various mold remediation projects and how to accomplish the specific removal and cleaning tasks associated with such projects. The course includes classroom discussion and hands-on activities.

Continuing education credits:
RIA-17.25; IICRC-2; NADCA-4 credits

$795 (Fungal Contamination textbook included)

Additional cost: 
$100 certificate fee for the Restoration Industry Association (after class is completed).
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Dean Mahlstedt's podcast, Manage Mold!

One of the latest episodes with Michael is about cleaning for Chemically Sensitized Individuals. It is dedicated to discovering, identifying, and understanding every aspect around this condition, which has became quite common in the remediation industry.

You may be asking: "but what do chemically sensitized individuals have to do with mold?" tune in and find out!
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