January 2020

As we begin our 10th year of serving West Michigan youth and their families, we look forward to what 2020 will bring!

At a time when teen anxiety, depression, and suicide are increasing at alarming rates, we're convinced that providing a safe, encouraging, and caring place where kids can be part of a positive community is more important than ever.  In fact, we believe that the past nine years of our existence have been practice and preparation for the important work ahead. 

We look forward to continuing to encourage young people in their social, physical, and spiritual development and gladly accept the challenge of showing kids a way of life that leads to meaning, purpose, peace, and joy.

Thanks for being a part of Team3MP!

A HUGE thank you to  everyone who contributed to our year-end fundraising campaign.  

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the 100% match provided by an anonymous benefactor we raised over $30,000 in December!

If you'd still like to play a role in helping us to keep our admission affordable, you can give online by visiting here.


2019 was our first year of offering once-monthly family fun days and they were a huge success!  Nearly 2,000 people visited us during our 3rd Saturday events, NOT including the nearly 600 people who joined us for our Spring Break family night!  

Our family fun days take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month from noon-3pm.  Admission is $3/person (ages 3 and under are free).  All of our activities are available (ninja is limited to ages 6 and above) and our cafe is open for cash sales.  The drop-off of unaccompanied minors is prohibited.

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

In this month's regular feature we're introducing you to Aaron & Allyssa Clark.

We asked the Clarks the following questions:

* How long have you been a staff member at 3MP? 
Just a few weeks after we were married in 2012. Going on 8 years!
* What is your favorite memory of your time at 3MP?
Aaron:  What makes 3MP special is the community that's created there.  I love it when former students become volunteers.  It's awesome and rewarding to watch those students grow into mature adults who value what 3MP provides for the community.  Allyssa:  One of the special things about 3MP is the built-in community that forms while serving a higher purpose together.  I'm SO thankful for all the friendships my hubby and I have made!
* What do you like to do when you're not serving at 3MP?
  Flip houses and spend time on the lake.
* What is one thing on your bucket list?  Allyssa:  visit Australia.  Aaron:  Build a barn from scratch, or maybe an A-frame cabin.
* Give us 3 words that describe 3MP to you: Allyssa:  Community.  Joy.  Grow.  Aaron:  Kind.  Caring.  Loving. (Aaron also offered 'have some sugar' as his answer to the 3 words question, but we thought we'd downplay that!)

Thank you to Aaron & Allyssa for their dedication and commitment to 3 Mile Project and for their love for all who visit here!
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To provide a safe, exciting and encouraging environment where young people can be part of a positive community and where they can be encouraged in their emotional, physical, and spiritual development.




7th - 9th grades
Friday 7pm-10pm

5th & 6th grades
Saturday 6pm-9pm

3rd Saturday 
Family Fun Day
3rd Saturday of each month

Our next 3rd Saturday 
Family Fun Day
takes place on Saturday, January 18


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