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January 2013

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Starting the New Year off with a "Bang"!
Alethea is a personal astrologer dedicated to providing clients with caring guidance and direction as they journey through life. She has studied western tropical astrology for over 15 years and finds it to be an invaluable resource in promoting better self-understanding. Her focus is on empowering clients to recognize, understand, and work with the energies inherent in their charts in order to help them find their own unique paths in life. She is truly passionate about the opportunity this divine science affords for growth.

Alethea encourages her clients to take destiny into their own hands by teaching them how to create positive changes in their lives instead of simply being "resigned to fate". This the very essence of
"Empowered Destiny" - recognizing the power of conscious choice and the important role it plays in shaping our lives. Every day we are faced with options that have the ability to shape the outcome of our lives.

With the awareness gained through astrology we are able to make better choices when faced with challenging circumstances, maximize our potential for happiness and fulfillment, and are better able to avoid any potential pitfalls along our journey. 


Happy New Year!  Can you feel the excitement?  We've survived 2012 and it appears we are entering into 2013 ready to kick butt and take names.  It's time to stop thinking about the changes we want to make in the New Year and "Just do it"!  Carpe diem, because there's no time like the present!





Starting the New Year off with a "Bang"!
There are some astrological fireworks crackling in the air as we begin 2013 - Mars & Uranus have moved into each other's signs (Aquarius & Aries, respectively) and this creates what is known in astrology as a "mutual reception". As you might recall from my October newsletter, a mutual reception strengthens the energies of both the planets involved for good or ill. At the moment, we not only have the Mars/Uranus mutual reception in play, but also a longer-running one between Saturn and Pluto as well. This creates an interesting contrast in the sky - as old structures crumble around us, it seems something new is emerging in 2013 with a definite kick start.


Mars and Uranus, though potentially volatile, do combine well with one another from the perspective of wrenching us suddenly out of ingrained patterns and behaviors that no longer serve our evolutionary agendas. Nothing says "New Year, New You" quite like this combination, and if there are changes you have wanted to make either within yourself or within your life this is certainly a super fresh energy that will allow you to "be the change you wish to see". Mars energy favors action and taking the initiative, while Uranus facilitates reform and progressive change - this is where we put the pedal to the metal and start DOING, walking the walk rather than treating change as something that happens *to* us. Jump up into that saddle, because we have to be proactive self-starters as this is a very "yang" vibe we have on our hands and it will only be in play for a total of about 5 weeks.


Uranus is also lightning quick - it's a turn-on-a-dime kind of energy that surprises and shocks. It's innovative and serves to forge new neural pathways instead of favoring the "same old, same old" habits and behaviors that clearly haven't been moving us forward. This is where we learn to take a new tack and break out. When we combine this planet with the Martian principle of action, assertiveness, and bravery we have astounding action, bold changes, and sudden activity. There is profound spontaneity inherent in this pairing that, although unpredictable, can break us out of our ruts in the blink of an eye if we seize on this impulse instead of just sitting on our hands. The time is NOW.


Uranus and Mars working in concert with one another are some high-test rocket fuel. Like nitroglycerine, it may not be the most stable of compounds but if you use it consciously it can certainly be one heck of a propellant. I'll also let you in on a little secret here: Mars is a hot-blooded, passionate, sometimes angry kind of planet - we sometimes forget what a vastly effective motivational tool anger can be when we want to make a change (Uranus) of some kind. Think of this like a "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" kind of thing - a rebel yell that urges us to take action upsetting that very stagnant status quo we've all been sucked into somewhere in our lives. Do not be fooled by the misguided notion that anger is not a "constructive" emotion - all emotions have their place and it's what we choose *do* with them that ultimately determines whether they are positive or negative. It is one thing to allow them to control us, another to acknowledge their presence and harness them in a way that truly serves us.


Instead of disowning this feeling or trying to squelch it down, if we become aware of our anger and opt to honor it we can make conscious choices as to where and how we funnel this fuel into actions that liberate us. The trick is to be able to detach from it to a certain degree, to de-personalize it to an extent where it cools *just enough* for us to handle without burning ourselves. We must look at this almost clinically, in a somewhat scientific and observational manner otherwise we'll just wind up ranting and raving like a madman or acting like a nutcase. If we can observe the feeling and disassociate from it enough to hover above it, we might see that there may in fact be a Higher Order at work behind this emotion and thus use it to prompt much-needed change without creating chaos. It is only when anger runs completely unchecked and reckless that we become shackled to it - it drives us instead of us driving it. So with this in mind, go ahead and get fired up as it just might help you to turn over a new leaf in 2013.....