As we prepare to celebrate the new year, we are reminded of all the opportunities created this year for youth and their families; we hope that you will help us continue making change by giving a gift today to support the work we do.  Your contributions are vital to our operations and have a real impact for families on the Upper West Side. 
With the new year a few of hours away, we would like to take a moment to reflect, connect, and thank everyone who has supported all that we do here at The West Side Commons. This year has been one of tremendous growth as Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council and The DOME Project continue strengthening   The West Side Commons  partnership.

The West Side Commons, located on Amsterdam Avenue between 93rd & 94th Street, creates an uplifting place where opportunities are within reach for our youth and families. Our close-knit organization offers a safe place for individuals to shape the Upper West Side community and themselves.

Our partnerships with  JCC ManhattanThe Trinity SchoolThe Young People's Project, and  The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA)  have enriched our programs and broadened access  to resources, helping children and families realize their  goals and enrich their lives.
The vast majority of the 500 families that are part of The West Side Commons earn less than a living wage, with many living below the federal poverty level of $24,000 per year for a family of four. 

Our work helps to bridge the gap in resources and opportunities both youth and their family seek to build a successful and brighter future filled with endless possibilities.

Our partnership with JCC Manhattan allows us to offer tutoring four times a week to children in the community. High School students trained to teach math to elementary school children using The Young People's Project's math literacy curriculum. Furthermore, students and faculty from The Trinity School  engage in multiple activities across the Upper West Side.
We've done many great things this year, and with your help, we can do even more!  Why not consider being our ally in creating opportunities for Upper West Side youth and their families? Any amount that you donate supports our mission.  Donate today!

If you're looking for specific and measurable ways to support our growing community, consider donating at one of these levels:

  • Covers the cost of a nutritious after school meal for one youth for one year 
A $500 Gift
  • Provides 1:1 tutoring twice weekly for one youth in grades K-12 for an entire academic year (36 weeks)
   A $1,000 Gift
  • Provides comprehensive support to individuals and families in and out of court facing juvenile justice, housing, or educational challenges
We hope you will consider supporting our work by donating this holiday season.  A gift in any amount  can have a direct impact on the opportunities we can offer our Upper West Side community. Your donation will go a long way in supporting our continuing efforts to provide opportunities to uplift and empower our West Side Commons youth and families.
Shopping for gifts?  Why not add us to your list and give an in-kind donation today?  Our wishlist has something for everyone, and your gift will have a direct and immediate impact on our community no matter what you choose. Make the purchase as a family and share the joy of giving with your loved ones.

All funds go to support the joint work of The DOME Project and 
Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council at The West Side Commons.
Individual Contributions
Over the course of five decades, The DOME Project and Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council have expanded their services and impact in the community through individual supporters. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation  by visiting  or 
by mailing a check to: 
The DOME Project 
486 Amsterdam Avenue 
New York, NY 10024 

Employee Matching Gifts
Philanthropy is a core value of many corporations. CEOs and corporate leaders see this as part of their commitment to their communities as well as a valuable benefit for their employees. Through these  charitable giving programs, a company will match donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations. 
Please ask your Human Resources Office about Employee Matching and fill out and submit the appropriate form the next time you make a personal donation to The DOME Project or Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council.

Corporate Foundation
Many corporations have separate foundations through which nonprofits can apply for grants. If you work for one of these corporations, please let us know.

Community or Family Foundations
If you know or or have connections to community or family foundations that give grants to nonprofit organizations like The DOME Project or Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council, please let us know.

AmazonSmile Contribution
Shop with AmazonSmile  and a portion of the price of eligible products you purchase can be donated to The DOME Project at NO cost to you. When you designate The DOME Project as an AmazonSmile beneficiary a donation will be made to support our work.

For questions and additional information, or to let us know of foundation and grant opportunities, please contact Yanira Gonzalez: 

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