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To support and advance the professional development of affiliate members in their efforts to provide quality care and education for the children of New Hampshire.
President's Address
Happy New Year!

Each New Year, millions of individuals make a "resolution" - whether it be  for a lifestyle change, a new beginning, or a self improvement. Typically by  the end of January, some of those resolutions may be abandoned in favor of  other endeavors or different pursuits. As we begin 2016, I would like us to  think about the idea of collectively taking on three resolutions focused on  advocating, educating and creating community within our field. Let me  explain.

It is an exciting time to be a early childhood professional in our  world - science and research continues to emerge that is gaining traction and  recognition that quality early experiences are critical to success in  school, in life and in relationships. While there are many years of
research on the power of early care and education, we are finally realizing  some successes in people understanding the instrumental role that early  care and education plays. Win for us! We have long said, we are not  babysitters, daycare workers, or "playing with kids all day long" - we are  educators!

With this research, there is an opportunity to highlight some critical  issues in our field: shortages of qualified teachers, historic lows in  enrollment in early childhood education programs offered at institutes of  higher education, and a compensation rate that for many has not increased  since the mid-nineties. But wait a minute?! Didn't I just say we had the
research, we had the science of early learning, and we had the national  attention? What are we missing here? There may be some areas of  opportunity.

A critical tipping point is near. On one hand, as a nation how can we say  that the early years are the most important years, and on the other hand,  not always invest in the early childhood workforce that is instrumental in  making the early years so successful? I am afraid I don't have the answer  to that question, but I may have a beginning solution. Remember the THREE  resolutions I mentioned? We must together:

Empower      Advocate      Coordinate

In November of 2014, the Child Care Development Block Grant Funding (CCDBG) was reauthorized. This reauthorization is a game changer and will impact New Hampshire's youngest citizens, families, providers and communities in both positive and potentially negative ways. For the past two years, our state evaluated the implications of the reauthorization and worked with a task force to put together our plan for implementation. I would invite you to get educated about New Hampshire's Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Federal Plan and attend an upcoming public hearing and/or provide public comment to  
To learn more, click here

In the fall of this past year, NAEYC launched their $16 in 16 campaign, a comprehensive advocacy campaign to highlight the need for early childhood professionals to be receiving a livable, worthy wage.  You can take the pledge with us nationally! Additionally, our Spring Conference this year will feature a session in partnership with Every Child Matters NH to educate individuals on advocacy with their elected officials.  In February, we will attend the NAEYC Public Policy Forum (more details to come!). Be an ADVOCATE, and to learn more about the $16 for 16, click here

NHAEYC will join with the national organization, NAEYC over the next year to focus more strategically on public policy and advocacy efforts, whether you are a current member or future member this in an opportunity for you to join us in our pledge to highlight the value of the work we do, the importance of quality early care and education, and advocate for our continued professional growth and development!  There are many benefits to becoming a member, and membership is power

Join our dynamic group and help us with this movement! How do you become a member of NHAEYC? COORDINATE with us by, clicking here.

If you already have resolutions of your own, most of us do, educating ourselves about these critical issues and sharing this information with others, will help!

I continue to be #soproudtobe a part of such an important profession in our state, in our country, and in our world! We are the "profession that makes all other professions possible." 

Have thoughts and ideas of your own? Please email me at:  president@nhaeyc.org

Happy New Year!

Jessica Sugrue, President

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Award-winning, curriculum-based original music for children & TEACHERS

"It all started with my daughters, Emily and Julia. I began writing children's songs for them. I admit it. I'm a walking children's music cliché." But six CDs later (and concerts and keynotes from coast to coast), Vincent has won numerous accolades for his music for children, including awards from the Parents' Choice Foundation, Children's Music Web, Parent's Guide to Children's Media, NAPPA and many others.

Vincent's music is impossible to categorize. He incorporates so many different styles- reggae, folk, blues, gospel, polka, African, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and even classical. Vincent believes, "children need to be exposed to different styles of music!"

Parents' Choice calls him "fresh, lively and engaging." The American Library Association says he's "rollicking...creative...rousing." Minnesota Parent says he's "musically literate... reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim." A "truly worthy children's singer-songwriter," says Publisher's Weekly, "consistently catchy musical styles... upbeat, enthusiastic, versatile."

"It is important to sing to children every day," says Vincent. "I like songs that are interactive and engage a child's sense of creativity. I think children like to move when they sing too. It also helps if the songs relate to a shared sense of values, like co-operation and tolerance."

Vincent's performance schedule has carried him from Massachusetts to California, from Texas to Michigan and to many schools, libraries and teacher conferences in between. "I love meeting folks dedicated to nurturing and educating young children. We understand each other. The future is our children. I can't think of a more important job."

Vincent just completed work on his most recent CD, "Holidays & Celebrations," a collection of 9 new compositions and 9 previously released songs. "They all fit together into this theme," Vincent observes. "Teachers and friends have been pushing me to do this for years.  It was big fun."

Click on the image to see Vincent in this YouTube video!

Have you heard about the 
$16 for 16 campaign?

We need YOU to help make our collective voice ring loud and clear, so that the power of early learning is an important part of every candidate's platform in 2016!

Changes in the Early Childhood Credential System

You may have heard that there will be some changes to Early Childhood credentials. You can click here for the FAQ document, that outlines the major components that have been revised, and the dates for when those changes will be effective. Some of the changes took effect October 1, 2015, and all of the changes will be in place by April 1, 2016. 

For first-time applicants to the NH Credential System, NH AEYC will pay for their Member's credential up-to $25.00? The Bureau bills us directly!

To learn more about the Credential Incentive, visit our website.
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