Happy New Year!
Dear Friends, 

December was so full of inspiration!

I have enjoyed visiting family and friends in North Carolina and Virginia, teaching Reiki classes, and offering Reiki and readings.

It was also wonderful to meet some of my phone clients that I have never met in person.

However, I must admit I am missing the 68 degree weather of Sedona!
I am looking forward to being back in the office on January 6.

Many of you have been asking about the energies of 2018 ~
the Energy Survival guide is out!
Click on the pic below to read more about what is in store and how to navigate the upcoming energies.

Also, in this newsletter, note the Spirit Circle dates for January - March and extended Early bird registration for the Crystal Healing Intensive Class. This extension is through January 2, to give anyone who has been on the fence, one last opportunity to save $100 on an amazing experience.
Happy New Year!

Many Blessings, Love & Light, 
Christina Wooten

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Christina Wooten

Owner of Sedona Medium, LLC
Certified Psychic Medium
Certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher
Save the Date
JANUARY: 17, 31 (31 is night of the Blue Moon & total lunar eclipse)
MARCH 7, 21
Spirit Circles are effective ways to increase your communication with Spirit, create clarity as you develop your intuitive communication, and practice giving messages to others. Our Spirit Circles start with a brief, Spirit-Guided talk, followed by the Spirit Circle.
Details in the link. Special pricing for 4 or more.
February 11 - 17

Experience the popular Couple's Reiki Session ~ with Heart Chakra aromatherapy oils, candlelight, Crystal Bowl Healing tones, and two Reiki practitioners providing Reiki to each partner.  
Reiki is a therapeutic healing energy for mind, body, spirit wellness. Sessions are very relaxing, restorative, and
  a beautiful way to open to loving energies, connect more deeply with your partner, on an energetic level.

60 min/Couple $150
90 min/Couple $200

Schedule here: 336-420-2398 or Contact Us

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." ~African proverb

Reiki Healing Classes
Reiki Healing Energy Classes

Reiki: Universal life force energy. The Reiki method of natural healing supports accelerated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. This energy is accessible to everyone. Reiki classes connect one with the Reiki source and learn the techniques for hands on healing and distance healing of self & others.

If you would like to register and join these classes, reach out ASAP to
336-420-2398 or Christina@SedonaMedium.com
Feature Heading
Reiki I & II Class
January 13-14, 2018 (or April 21-22 or September 8-9)
9:00 - 5:00
Introductory Reiki Class. Learn hands on healing for Chakra balancing and energy healing of mind/body/spirit.

Reiki Master Class
March 23 & 24, 2018
9:00 - 5:00
Pre-Requisite: Reiki I & II Certifications with any Reiki Teacher

Reiki Master-Teacher Class
March 25-26, 2018
9:00 - 2:00
Pre-Requisite: Reiki I & II & Master Certifications with any Reiki Teacher
  Energetic Calendar - January

Powerful energetic gateway - lots of forward propulsion and fresh energy to start off the New Year with a BANG!

January 1 - Full Moon in Cancer (a perfect time for a Gratitude ceremony)

Uranus goes direct in Aries

January 16 - New Moon in Capricorn (a good time to set intentions or repeat affirmations)

January 31 - Full Moon (again!) Blue Moon & total lunar eclipse in Leo

Request an Appointment with Christina Wooten: 
e-mail: Christina@SedonaMedium.com
phone: 336-420-2398