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January 2020 Newsletter
Happy New Year!

We hope this email finds you doing well as we begin a new year. As we look back at 2019, we are so grateful to our valued collectors for an enjoyable and successful year.

This month, as we move toward Chinese New Year 2020, we'll take a break from production to focus on our 2021 shipping schedule, our 2019 Collection Book and other long overdue projects.

Over the next 4 months, we'll settle in to a weekly release schedule. Check your email each Thursday morning around 9am EST and keep an eye on t he COMING SOON category. See below for a preview of January releases.

Every upcoming model is very limited in production and projected to sell out quickly. We keep our production quantities low in order to enhance long term value of our products and avoid the constraints of excess inventory.

A reminder that our offices are currently closed....thank you in advance for your patience as we'll do our best to reply to your emails and calls as quickly as possible. Of course the website never shuts down...and we'll resume shipping the 6th of January.

And as always...if you missed out on any previous releases, Check out Alliance Scale Models for a chance to obtain sold out models.

Read on for more info...we wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

FDNY Coming Soon...order dates below!
Available to order now... F DNY Mack CF Squrt and Telesqurt
January 2... F DNY Engine 82 from the Bronx
January 9... F DNY Ladder 4 in Manhattan
January 16... F DNY Ladder 143 in Queens
January 23...Brooklyn's FDNY Engine 233
Sold out this past month...
Missed out? Limited quantities still remain at !
Up Next for Chicago...accepting orders in late February.
Chicago 1947 Mack L Sedan Pumpers
4 Engine Companies will be arrive in March, 2020. This classic Mack will be a great companion to your 1954 FWD Tractor/Trailer!
The Mack trademarks and bulldog hood ornament are registered rights of the AB Volvo Group and are used pursuant to a license.