Month Day, 2015

2016 is upon us! Here are three things to make the new year exciting!
Bye-bye, late fees. Borrow without the fear!
After carefully evaluating our circulation fine policies, we have decided to modify them. And by modify, I mean eliminate. Starting January 4, items checked out from the library will not accrue fines as they become overdue. Rather, a $10 processing fee will be added if the item is out long enough to be marked lost. This fee will void itself as soon as the item is checked in.

The idea behind late fees is that they provide an incentive to bring back borrowed items on time, making them available for the next patron. The reality, though, is that late fees have become a disincentive to using the library in the first place. Nobody wants to approach the dread circulation desk trembling with the fear of publicly atoning for their tardiness by handing over all of their dimes. And it is entirely too easy forget a batch of DVDs in your car over a long weekend and then find out you owe fifteen bucks because you didn't make a special trip to the book drop. Not that a library director would do that. A library director would never do that.

If you use the library frequently (as we hope you do), you could have a dozen different things checked out with half as many due dates. We just want you to enjoy reading. So stop worrying and come borrow stuff!

Please note that this new policy only effects our items, so if you place holds on things from other libraries, fines may still apply. If the item belongs to Douglas, though, you won't have to worry about late fees. 
More DVDs! More Games!
Yesterday, you could only check out 5 DVDs or Blurays at a time. Today, and all days henceforth, you can check out 10. We're doubling the limit so that you can walk out the door with twice the binge-watching fodder.

We are also upping the limit of games from 1 to 5. This applies across platforms, so you can check out 3 Wii games and 2 DS games. Or 4 Playstation games and 1 Xbox game. Or 2 Playstation games and 3 Wii games. As long as the total is 5, you're good! 
And Finally, Faxing!
The demand for the ability to send faxes from the library finally became overwhelming enough to find a 40-foot long phone cable and creatively duct-tape it along the bottom of the circ desk, behind the holds shelf, over a door-frame, and into the office. The multi-function printer beside the circ desk can now send faxes, too!

We are considering this a self-service, so you can simply come in, put your documents on the glass scanner or in the sheet feeder, and use the touch-pad to select "fax." After that, all you have to do is dial the number (with a nine in front of it) and send. We ask that you do not fax novels, as it will tie up our phone line. As of this time, we are not charging for the service.