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Quality Coaches & STARS

  STAR 1 – if you are a STAR 1 (or new STAR 2), please consider attending SHINE THE LIGHT ON QUALITY. These are FREE events that will help you get the training needed to meet STAR 2 standards, give you FREE resources and the opportunity to get a better understanding of the new STARS standards. (flyer belowto register).

STAR 1, STAR 2 & STAR 3 – If you are interested in utilizing the new standards to MOVE UP, please contact your quality coach . You can start your coaching visits so that we can help you every step of the way! If this is your goal this year, let’s get started!

STAR 4 – if you would like to MOVE UP this year (2017-18) using the new standards, please let us know. We can come out to Pre-Designate anytime! If you require coaching prior to scheduling a Pre-Designation, just ask – We are happy to help you!

We have COACHES. We can help you as you navigate this path toward higher quality. Sometimes it is just a matter of documenting what you are ALREADY doing. Maybe we can review your policies/practices and help you come up with ways to meet the standards that may be easier or less steps than what you currently do. Please let us know how I can help you. We understand that these standards are different than what we are used to – but we can help you, every step of the way, to make sure that you and all of your staff know & understand them. Please reach out to your quality coach and schedule a meeting if you have questions about them – remember, we are a FREE resource to help you meet EVERY standard that you choose to meet!
New NAEYC Website

NAEYC has a new look! Head to NAEYC.org to explore the new website and stay updated on upcoming events, new content, professional development opportunities, and more.    
Employee Appraisals Make Happier Employees

Would it be important to you and the families you serve if you found a simple way to increase employees’:
✓ productivity,
✓ engagement,
✓ commitment to the success of your business and the families and children they work with?
If you are nodding your head yes, here’s how: employee appraisals. Conducting appraisals for employees starts an important conversation about their significant role in the success of your business! Make 2018 the year you commit to starting or enhancing your employee appraisal process using the tools on SharedSourcePA .
Making Referrals After Child Screenings

Making a Referral
Once all developmental and health screening results are gathered, a child may be referred for further examination and evaluation. Programs base these decisions on policies and procedures, and in collaboration with families. If the decision is to make a referral, your program should support the family throughout the process. The following resources may help you plan ways to partner with families:
Additional Supports for Referrals
Review the different types of referral that may be needed to help you support children and families after a concern is found. Below are some resources that can help programs better understand the referral process:
To help families keep track of the care they are getting through referrals, offer the Building Your Care Notebook . It contains easy-to-use forms and tools to organize important information.
Re-Screening and Ongoing Assessment
If your program and the child’s family decide not to make a referral, continue to assess and monitor the child’s development. Staff and families should share what they observe to best support the child’s development and learning. This may mean re-screening, providing interim services , celebrating milestones , and noting concerns . This protocol should also be followed if families are waiting to find out if their child is eligible for more services.
Don’t forget! Staff must follow the program’s confidentiality policy. They should have the consent of the parent or legal guardian before sharing any information.

Continue learning about the importance of evaluation, screening, and assessment through the Partnerships for Inclusion: Ensuring Access to High Quality Evaluation and Services presentation materials.
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LICC Meeting

Adams County Directors Roundtable
January 4th at 1 at    The Mill-Sozzaro's - New Oxford
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Tioga ECE Coalition Meeting
January 10th at 1 at  BLaST IU Canton

Lycoming Early Learning Team Meeting
January 18th at 11 at   East Lycoming School District
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