2019 Statistics
Men Employed -285
Taxes Paid - $299,965.63
Child Support Paid - $47,784.87

Men Housed - 82
Men Employed - 65
Graduates for the Quarter - 13
Baptisms for the Quarter - 5
Greetings from the staff here at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. We would like to announce that in lieu of changes in the world today we have not stopped our primary focus and goal; helping those in need through the power of Christ. In these times more so than others there is many souls that need reaching. 
This quarter at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort has been filled with many exciting activities. We have started having monthly campfires where guys roast hotdogs and marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, play guitar, and just basically fellowship with each other in sobriety. 

We recently had our Christmas party/graduation event. With the help of Nashville based non-profit, Soles for Souls, each man received a brand new pair of shoes this Christmas. I would also like to give a shout out to Compassion Church in Waverly TN. Pastor Kody and his staff have welcomed us to their congregation with open arms. Many of our clients enjoy going there to receive the word, baptisms and sense of community.

Safe Harbor of Bucksnort's staff has continued to be dedicated to our primary mission. Extra special shout out to Chris Sommerville for his networking day and night to reach out to men in need. He stays in contact with probation and parole officers, life-liners, courts, rehabilitation centers and basic word of mouth. Chris's dedication extends to all hours of the day on and off the clock.
To anyone reading this, if there is someone that you know needing our program, please feel free to call upon us. 

My direct cell as Director:  
James Staffan 501-626-7722

Admissions Coordinator:
Chris Somerville 731-414-3534

Regional Director: 
Jonathan Newcomb 949-510-8960

God Bless you and may peace be upon you and your families in Jesus Christ's name.
Getting ready for our Christmas party!
Christmas Dinner
Congratulations to Safe Harbor of Bucksnort for the following awards: Most Improved City, Rookie of the Year Award went to Reliable Director Troy Beasley, and The Safety Award.
The Client Christmas party was amazing. This is Zach Grace from Compassion Church sharing his experience strength and hope with the guys.
Movie Night on Christmas Eve
Love from the community. Our friends from next door baked candy and made hot chocolate for the guys!
Congratulations to our graduates; Frederick Owens, Carlos Teaque, Clay Andrews, Michael Rankin, & James Alford!


We have so many pictures and it's hard to choose what to share in our newsletter! Make sure you are following us on our Facebook page to see day to day activity!
We want to give a big shot out to our neighbors for coming and cooking for the men. They are a blessing thank you for everything you do!!
We would like to welcome Gibson Brands to our wonderful group of partners! We are so blessed to have them on board with us!
We want to give a big shout out to Mike and Lisa Ferguson for helping a client get a car!
CPR Training!
We are blessed anytime to have Mr. Brannon Powell out with us!
We are thankful for the donation of the Corn Hole Boards to our clients!
We want to give a huge shoutout to Erin for the donations
We are blessed with these guys. Thanks for all your hard work!
Another great weekend here at Bucksnort! The sun was shining and the guys where cooking out and playing some ball.
We want to thank John Coleman for coming back out to share with the guys! John has a powerful, inspirational message, and gets the guys fired up!! The guys are ecstatic about it!!
"The guys waiting for Church Sunday morning!! These guys are really pulling together, and creating something special! I LOVE THEM!! I LOVE YALL!! BE THE CHANGE!" - Troy Beasley
Some of our clients doing volunteer work cleaning up a local business! Proud of these men.
A weekend full of activities at Bucksnort! Basketball, Horseshoes, visiting Compassion Church in Waverly, and making trails to use for the daily fitness classes!

We were able to watch a great play put on by the Compassion Church called "The Missing". 26 clients attended and half were saved or rededicated their lives to the Lord. What a mighty move of God it was!
Clients and staff working together to get everyone fed.
Full bellies & grateful hearts here in Bucksnort!
ConAgra Brands has been a God send for Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. They provide a safe work environment and the men who work there state the employees of ConAgra Brands are supportive and positive. The office staff at Safe Harbor appreciate the timely manner, in which documentation is received and the open communication which allows us to best serve the clients in the program. We are currently working 17 men at an average of 50 hours a week. This is huge, helping the clients of Safe Harbor not only be productive and support their recovery but also granting an opportunity to those who might otherwise be unable. Kelli Williams and the rest of the staff truly care about the men and have they even donated turkeys for Christmas dinner.

We are a grateful beyond measure for ConAgra Brands and are excited to say they are our Partner of the Quarter, and Partner of the year. Through open communication, a positive work environment, and opportunities for our men they have set themselves above the norm.

Thank you, ConAgra Brands for all you do and we are excited to see where our partnership goes in the future!
Like many others at our company, Thomas started out as a client looking for change. Thomas is our lead driver and has handled the responsibility of transporting clients to and from work, appointments and other sanctioned destinations.

Thomas also organizes the general work flow of our routes and is extremely dependable. Thomas is a great example of someone who excels at their job and it shows!
Fire pit is ready for Bucksnort's monthly celebration
Saturday night bonfire! It’s a great time to relax and gear up for Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; William Oshrin, Jesse Taylor, Michael Dotson, John Crass, Billy Milam, & Terrill Smith!
More pictures from our Celebration Sunday
"Hi, my name is Brett Peel. I was born in Waco TX. I lost my dad at age 9. I have four brothers and one sister. By the age of 21 my baby brother had been shot and killed. I have been a drug addict for 24 years. Due to those life choices I faced multiple incarcerations and had failed to get my life properly started on the right track. 

I cannot really pinpoint where my addiction really started but I can tell you where it stopped. That would have to be August 7th when I entered into the Safe Harbor of Bucksnort program. Now is my time to start living I have two beautiful daughters, ages 19 and 17, and it is time to be the dad that God intended me to be. Thanks to Safe Harbor for being there for me when I decided to start living Gods will and not mine own."
Our celebration weekend was full of outdoor activities!

Our Reliable Coordinator and Program Coordinator played some ball with the clients.

We had a special night Saturday night that we called Celebrate Sobriety. It was a great time to have for the men to relax and enjoy the outdoors!
Congratulations to our graduates; Nathaniel Chapuis & Stephen Bennett!
Congratulations to our Staff Member of the Month, Eddie Perry

Our largest fundraiser for each year is coming up. Our original date for our event was Jan 15 - 17, 2021, but due to the current Covid restrictions in Tennessee we have had to change our event date.

Our new date is March 19 - 21, 2021. We are excited that we are still able to have this event, even if we did have to change the date. It may be in our favor to have a little warmer weather in March!

We have contestants from all over the United States planning to compete at our event. Last year we even had a contestant all the way from Canada! We are excited to see how much we are able to raise this year for Safe Harbor.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Director to let him know that you would like to have more information on our sponsorship packages.

You can visit our event website at www.safeharborevent.com