2019 Statistics
Men Employed - 490
Taxes Paid - $328,819.11
Child Support Paid - $46,556.82

Men Housed - 45
Men Employed - 40
Graduates for the Quarter - 6
Baptisms for the Quarter - 8
Well I'm sure everybody was ready to get done with 2020! But for us to know Jesus is in control we have hope for 2021. No matter your politics, no matter your social economic status, Jesus is in control!

Although it's been a challenge winding through this year, I have seen God at work in miraculous ways. I've seen Tim, who I found at the side of a convenience store, flourish and rebuild his life under the guidance of Jesus Christ. I've seen men recognize their need for Salvation and cry out to Jesus and now have hope, true hope!

Also want to recognize some special people to the ministry; Brother Barry Jenkins in his precious wife Maria have guided us in growing our volunteer base more than we could ever imagined. With a fully vested volunteer base our guys or being exposed to true discipleship and guidance in life skills from men who have lived it.

To our many prayer partners and financial supporters thank you for your prayers and support. It continues to cover and bless us.

Looking to 2021 we are excited about being in our new Chapel and new offices early in the first quarter, and continue to transition our facility into more opportunities for more men. With a new donation promise of lumber our next stage of new kitchen in cabins is right at the crest of reality!

I want our men to see Jesus!

Matthew 5:8 (NASB) 
 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
To God be the glory!
Pastor David Elkins
Big Harvey prepared a huge meal for the guys on Christmas
Christmas Party was huge hit with all
Jefferson County Staff Christmas Party
Congratulations to SHJC for the following awards:

Director of the Year - David Elkins
Over the Top Award - Carson Danley
Reliable of the Year
Congratulations to our graduate, Matthew DeLong!
Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month, Keith Holden!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Jeff Carter!
Congratulations to our Client Volunteer of the Month, Timothy Davis!

Thanks to Brother Barry Jenkins we have a new chest freezer! Praise be to Jesus!
Tile going down
Brother Rich Melton, one of three new volunteers, facilitating class
We would like to introduce & welcome our new Admissions Coordinator, Mrs. Jeanne Williams.

"I am a married Mother of two grown children. Our family is about to be blessed soon with two grandbabies this coming June and July! Our family relocated to beautiful Tennessee last year, leaving behind a job and coworkers I absolutely loved. Since our arrival, it was important to me to find a permanent position where I feel gratification at the end of the work day. I believe I my wish has been fulfilled here at Safe Harbor. I look forward to presenting my office knowledge and work ethics in assisting the staff in helping others in their recovery. I thank Safe Harbor for their confidence in me and offering an opportunity to join the team!"
Great food donation from Neighborhood partners
Ceilings going in!
Meet Meatloaf and Cheeseburger... Safe Harbors JC’s newest additions
Getting prepared to double our electric capacity!
Remodeling work is still happening at SHJC! We are so thankful and excited for our new multipurpose building!
Thanksgiving from the hills of Tennessee
D&S Builders is our partner of the year and I truly mean partner, not only providing quality jobs and career opportunities for our men but they support us in every area of our ministry. They are true friends of the ministry and we were honored to be associated with them . Thanks Alex and all your crew for being a part of our Calling!
Brandon has come in and really jelled the team. He relates to the guys and interacts on their level, gaining their trust and respect.

Brandon loves the Lord and no one who meets him walks away with him wondering where his faith is. Proclaiming Jesus as the true answer for freedom,

I am honored to have Brandon on the staff Safe Harbor Jefferson County
Congratulations to our graduates: Andrew Hansen & James Tharpe!
Our Reliable of the Month is Keith Black! Congrats
Our Client of the Month is Clay Velazquez. Congrats! (pictured below)
Our Client Volunteer of the Month is Charles Spurgeon. Congrats
More pictures from our Celebration Sunday
"I know everybody probably thinks that I've been a perfect angel all my life. Actually, I like to think of myself as a walking trash can putting poison in my body and leading others to a negative lifestyle. I've wasted most of my life in prison. Most of all, I was a terrible father, brother, and son. I always put my mindless needs and physical desires first before anything in life. Then something happened one morning I actually listened to my brother and friend in unit 3 in Morgan County prison. I believe it was late October 2019. He gave me a Bible. Later that week I got saved by rededicating my life to the Lord by allowing Jesus into my life. And the Holy Ghost to slowly work through my heart and mind. So the way I see it, I need to submit myself to the Lord humbly. In doing so, I have a new life in Christ Jesus."

Our largest fundraiser for each year is coming up. Our original date for our event was Jan 15 - 17, 2021, but due to the current Covid restrictions in Tennessee we have had to change our event date.

Our new date is March 19 - 21, 2021. We are excited that we are still able to have this event, even if we did have to change the date. It may be in our favor to have a little warmer weather in March!

We have contestants from all over the United States planning to compete at our event. Last year we even had a contestant all the way from Canada! We are excited to see how much we are able to raise this year for Safe Harbor.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Director to let him know that you would like to have more information on our sponsorship packages.

You can visit our event website at www.safeharborevent.com