2019 Statistics
Men Employed -396
Taxes Paid - $182,378.57
Child Support Paid - $35,662.99

Men Housed - 64
Men Employed - 47
Graduates for the Quarter - 22
Baptisms for the Quarter - 10
Happy Holidays! From Safe Harbor of Little Rock

We are humbled, blessed, and excited about The Lord carrying us through this pandemic year. We have witnessed so many lives tested, tried, and changed; first filled with fear, frustration, and faithlessness. Jesus once again spread His blanket of hope into the lives of the men we serve. It is a blessing to walk alongside the men as they trudge the road to complete salvation. 
This year the staff has faithfully endured twists and turns and changes to the daily protocol as it pertains to the COVID implementations and preparations. It has truly warmed my heart to see them put so much effort in application and compliance. As a matter of fact, our last facility-wide COVID testing resulted in a 100% COVID Free population. For that, I'm so grateful to God for sparing all of our lives. 

In spite of all the year's setbacks, I believe this has been one of our strongest finishes spiritually, financially, and personally. And we are praying for a fertile and prosperous 2021, and preparing our hearts and minds to walk into the new year with enthusiasm and confidence knowing that no weapon formed against us shall prosper! 1 Corinthians 2:9 says "But as it is written, Eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things that God hath prepared for them that love him."

We prepared for the biggest Christmas celebration and Graduation on the 20th of this month, we had 9 graduates with savings totaling $23,157.00, This is nothing short of all God's doing!

We are in continual prayer for the family of all those that have gone on to be with the Lord through this year's crisis, and we pray that the Lord will continue to place a covering over us and hedge around us! With sincere salutation and love from Pastor Eric Alexander and the entire Safe Harbor of Little Rock family, we proclaim Peace, Prosperity & Good Health for you and those you love.
Little Rock is getting ready for the biggest event of our year!
We received a blessing today from one of our partners. Felicia from Phoenix House came to our Christmas party! We were thrilled to have her with us.
Pastor Eric handing out Christmas presents!
Congratulations to our graduates; Donnie Foster, Dakota Drzka, Jason Sanders, Tommy Pruitt, Randolan Danner, Norman Rader, and Daniel Woodruff!
Happy December Birthday to Quincy Hamilton, William Madison, Mark Butler, Kevin Reed, Afton Yeatman, & Timothy Counts!

Our Reliable of the Month is Jason Hicks. Congrats!

Client of the Month is Christopher Weatherford. Congratulations!
Our Partner of the Month is Linen King! Thankful for you guys!

Staff Member of the Month is Jared Vaughn! Congrats!
Baptisms in Little Rock 12.27.2020
Class in session & Reliable Orientation
Little Rock received a blessing! We have a new mixer so we will be having fresh dinner rolls!
Safe Harbor at “Urban Sophistication”. Our Christmas Donators having a BBQ Cook out & Pastor Eric and the guys are playing some domino's. Thank you Urban Sophistication for hosting our men and for the wonderful food!
Chapel Services in Little Rock. We love seeing the altars full at Altar Call!
We were able to update showers with Kohler valves and shower heads. Thank you Kohler for donating the shower kits!
Prime candidate for Client of the Month! He is always busy doing things to help
Our Reliable Director got to have a great dinner with one of our drivers and one of our clients last night at Rock N Roll Sushi
Painting the Laundry Room & cleaning up the leaves in Little Rock. It's definitely FALL
Super proud to see a client taking his drivers test to get his drivers license! We love to see the success these men are making in their lives
Little Rock frying some fresh fish for Friday dinner
Great job Little Rock getting geared up for Veterans Day Celebration honoring our Country and our Vets!! Very proud of you guys!!!
Thank you Sophisticated Urban for supporting Safe Harbor of Little Rock!

They took in used apparel October 1 through December 1 and gave customers 10% off their purchases and sent the donations to Safe Harbor of Little Rock!
Pumpkin Carving! Dorm 1 won the Pumpkin Carving contest!!! Pizza Party Friday night!
J Paul’s Express in College Station provided our 65 men with complete Thanksgiving meals. Thank you & God bless you all!
During this pandemic Linen King has faithfully kept our men employed. Even when they were on a hiring freeze they still utilized us and allowed our men to come out there. Currently we have 6 clients that have rolled over to fulltime and 3 more that are preparing for the conversion. Working with the administration is a breeze and fun.

We are proud to nominate Linen King as the Partner of the Quarter. 
Jared Vaughan is a client that came to us through Federal parole, he has been an amazing client with a humble disposition. He has progressed to a client employee and has been driving for SHLR for around 3 months. He volunteered to step into the Transportation Coordinator position when all others avoided the responsibility.

He is very knowledgeable and often has great ideas and good troubleshooting skills, and is adamant about procedure, rules, and regulations. Mr. Vaughan is always going the extra mile to accomplish the ministry's transportation goals. Providing a long term commitment, he will go far in the Christ-centered services we provide at SHLR.
Congratulations to our graduates; William Craft, Jesse Sandage, & Mark Smith.
Happy November Birthday to Carlos Bravo, Randall Lewis, Brian Garber, Johnny Forrest, & Tommy Pruitt!

Our Reliable of the Month is Randalon Danner! Congrats
Our Client of the Month is Leonard Gibson Jr. Congrats!
Our Client Volunteer of the Month is Harold Parks. Congrats!
"Safe Harbor Little Rock has been a great experience for me. SHLR has a been a great help in my Spiritual Growth. SHLR has provided me a great employment opportunity at Stratton Seed located in Stuttgart, Ar. After being released from prison I was able to obtain a great job pretty fast. I really want to thank God for showing me grace and favor in my life. I truly enjoy the opportunity to help out SHLR by doing building maintenance work in my spare time. The Staff at SHLR are a great help whenever I need Personal & Spiritual Guidance. SHLR can be a great beacon of light to those that need it. My prayer is that if anyone who's already here or to come in the SHLR Program, I hope be a postal person that will demonstrate the Love of Christ in my life. Amen"
Congrats to our graduates; Danny Strange, Andrew Sandoval, Timothy Maloney, Brandon Forbes, Latrell Richmond, Jamey Dockins, & Shane Smith!
Happy October Birthday to Larry Sutton!
Our Reliable of the Month is William Craft. Congrats!
Client of the Month is Marlon Manson. Congratulations! (not pictured)
Client Volunteer of the Month went to Charles Boatman & Daniel Woodruff. Congrats gentlemen!
Staff of the Month is Donald Jones. Congrats!

Our largest fundraiser for each year is coming up. Our original date for our event was Jan 15 - 17, 2021, but due to the current Covid restrictions in Tennessee we have had to change our event date.

Our new date is March 19 - 21, 2021. We are excited that we are still able to have this event, even if we did have to change the date. It may be in our favor to have a little warmer weather in March!

We have contestants from all over the United States planning to compete at our event. Last year we even had a contestant all the way from Canada! We are excited to see how much we are able to raise this year for Safe Harbor.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Director to let him know that you would like to have more information on our sponsorship packages.

You can visit our event website at www.safeharborevent.com