2019 Statistics
Men Employed -297
Taxes Paid - $215,795.83
Child Support Paid - $55,310.76

Men Housed - 70
Men Employed - 60
Graduates for the Quarter - 29
Baptisms for the Quarter - 7
Greetings from Safe Harbor of Erin Tennessee, I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. We here at Safe Harbor are doing everything within our power to keep your family and loved ones happy and healthy. Despite the challenges of the year, it has been amazing to see and witness our organization stay focused on our clients, their recovery, and their families. It has been a great honor to help men to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, to graduate our recovery program, and Make a Difference in the world.

As the quarantine requirements continue to impact our world, this last quarter our staff had fun providing exciting/interesting activities our clients. I am also thankful to our local staff here at the facility as they put in an extra effort toward individual care of each client. Their attention our staff has given to the clients living in a quarantine environment contributed to the positive morale of all the men. As the Holidays approached, our corporate partners and local churches contributed to the festive atmosphere that now brings us to the end of another successful year.

We want to say with all our hearts, thank you to all our employment partners, churches, recovery agencies, the Erin local stores and help community. You all have been a part of our success! In this new year we look forward to being of greater service to you all.
May God continue to smile upon all that we endeavor to achieve in 2021, Let’s do it together, for the clients we serve, for the families and communities they return to.

With God’s Blessing,
Gary T. Kenney
Client Christmas Party
Thank you so much Freda and the Garden Church for blessing the guys tonight with wonderful dinner!
Winner of Erin Safe Harbor Ginger Bread house making contest is Fletcher Bolling, Jonathan Ogden, and Kenneth White.
Winner of Erin Safe Harbor Corn Hole Tournament is Gregory Williams.
Winner of Erin Safe Harbor Spades Tournament is Bobby Sykes and Adrian Hanson
Congratulations to our graduates; Anthony Donahue, Cedric Henderson, Joshua Moore, Gregory Austin, Bobby Jenkins, Patrick Pogue, Larry Clinton, Jamaal Mitchell, & Jeremiah Scott!
Happy December Birthday to Steven Miller, Taylor Spain, Mandricuss Robertson, Alan Smith, & Melvin Dodson!
Our Reliable of the Month is Alan Smith. Congratulations!
Our Client of the Month is Daniel Turner! Congrats
Dorm of the Month is Dorm 14. Congrats gentlemen!
Church service Sunday night with Pastor Brock and testimony by a former Clarksville client Josh Cunningham...powerful!
Sunday morning Worship service at The Garden Church 12.27.2020
Such a great night at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Clarksville. The guys helped volunteer at Red Box Ministry, and in turn received one for each client in the program for Christmas.
Monopoly has become a big thing here in Erin
Thank you Pastor Dontez Brock from Mosaic Church for coming and giving the guys a great word and for coming to teach a class!
Decorating for Christmas in Erin!
We would like to introduce & welcome our new Assistant Director, Seth Blackmon.

"At the age of 5 I gave my heart to the Lord. Shortly thereafter I felt a longing to help people....whether it was from getting involved in my Christian School or trying to be a witness in my youth group.....I’ve always tried to find The Heartbeat of God. My hunger for lost souls increased when I was privileged to go on a mission trip to Africa. At that point God planted a seed in my heart that continued to grow from that intersection and I realized that God could truly use me. I have been given the opportunity now for even more growth. Through my walk in life, God has put me in a position to nurture that once small seed and continue to grow. I feel at Safe Harbor, that our ultimate goal is to reach people for Christ and that is my heart's true desire. The opportunity that I have here to see people to Christ and also help in the road to recovery is amazing!!
I am truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful mission!"
Thank you Eddie Proctor for donating Safe Harbor of Erin this nice deer, the guys are really looking forward to some deer meat! We appreciate you and Sara Campbell Proctor so much each year when you guys bring us a deer, you guys rock!
The guys enjoying the beautiful weather
Our men at The Garden Church
Safe Harbor of Erin would like to thank our former graduate, Casey Shelton, for donating six turkeys for the guys!
The Spirit lead as we baptized 4 guys
The guys had a great time and we had five that made a decision for Christ. Thank you Compassion Church In Waverly, TN for having us!
Erin’s Breakfast & Lunch for Thanksgiving
The men enjoyed great food, wonderful deserts, calls home & football!
Jones Plastic is known not only for our molding expertise, such as pioneering the use of gas assist, high speed molding in the early 90’s, but also for their ability to help customers get their products to market quickly. With facilities in Kentucky, Tennessee, and three locations in Mexico, Monterrey, Juarez, and Juarez Painting and Hydrographics, they are strategically located to help minimize freight, handling, and labor costs to their customers.

Our men certainly enjoy working at this company. Jones Plastic supports and believes in what Safe Harbor does. All our clients speak highly of the respect given to each of them as employee there. The company has consistently employed an averaged of 20 of our clients often offering any overtime when desired by our clients. Congratulations to our Partner of the Quarter, Jones Plastics.
My name is Jeff Roberson. I have been working with Safe Harbor of Erin for six months. I have been in recovery for almost 3 years. I love working with other men in recovery. We all want to be the men God called us to be. I am blessed to be working staff members like George, Mr., Short, Jonathan Morris, Ann, Larry Clinton, Cedric Henderson, Seth Blackmon, and Mr. Gary Kenney.

I never really had a dad, but Mr. Gary Kenney has helped me see things about myself that I never knew. He is a wonderful Director and a man to be around. He explains things so I can understand them. I am saying all of this because all of the staff that I work with deserve this award in my opinion. We all have a heart for the men and strive at getting the job done. I have grown as a leader, man, father, and recovering addict because of these people. I love what we do more than you know!

-You have my heart
Jeff Roberson
Congratulations to our graduates; Jacob Sprinkle, Ricky Steele, Adam Moudy, Whitney Dunwoody, Andre Edmiston, & Jonathan Morris!
Happy November Birthday to Charles Boring, Donald Verble, Adrian Hanson, & Jamaal Mitchell!
Reliable of the Month is Dustin Brett. Congrats!
Client of the Month is Whitney Dunwoody! Congratulations!
Some post graduation activity
"My name is Chris Cozart and I began drinking and using drugs at the age of 12 years old. I come from a Godly family and they attempted to teach me good Godly wisdom, but I rebelled and chose the world instead of living out my life in a Godly manner. I have been through three failed marriages and all had something to do with drugs and alcohol.

On a day in June of 2014 I caught a felony drug charge and was sentenced to 5 years and within a year I was out on parole. During a day I had to report my parole officer drug screened me and I failed. My wife left me because DCS got involved and they were going to take the children. I lost everything and was sent back to jail for a violation. I was given the option to enter a 6 month rehab and I chose Safe Harbor. Since I have been here I have discovered God never left my side and has a calling and a plan for my life. I have job and hope for the future I thank God every day for Safe Harbor of Erin."
Congratulations to our graduates; Daniel Hill Jr., James Vance, Donald Love, Michael Perry, Steven Nelson, Anthony Seals, & Toyal Crawford!
Happy October Birthday to Jeffrey Mayse, Phillip Johnson, Deon Ellison, Vincent Bailey, Aubrey Schutt, Derrick Taylor, & Tyler Bryant!
Reliable of the Month went to Andre Edmiston. Congrats!

Client of the Month is Toyal Crawford. Congratulations!!
Dorm of the Month was Dorm 12. Congrats gentlemen!
We also commemorated Pastor Scott for his contribution and legacy within our ministry.

Our largest fundraiser for each year is coming up. Our original date for our event was Jan 15 - 17, 2021, but due to the current Covid restrictions in Tennessee we have had to change our event date.

Our new date is March 19 - 21, 2021. We are excited that we are still able to have this event, even if we did have to change the date. It may be in our favor to have a little warmer weather in March!

We have contestants from all over the United States planning to compete at our event. Last year we even had a contestant all the way from Canada! We are excited to see how much we are able to raise this year for Safe Harbor.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Director to let him know that you would like to have more information on our sponsorship packages.

You can visit our event website at www.safeharborevent.com