January 2020
Happy New Year!
New Year's Resolutions have been a tradition dating back to the Babylonian Era. Throughout history, resolutions have kept with a common theme of self-improvement.
Today, some of the most common New Year's Resolutions focus on weight, nutrition and physical health often missing a critical piece to overall well-being: mental health.
Mental Health: How It Affects Seniors
1 in 5 Older Adults experience mental illness. Poor mental health can affect an individual's ability to live safe and independent at home.
Mental Health Resources in Our Community
Loneliness has become a Public Health Epidemic

  • One in three older adults report feeling lonely

  • Seniors who feel isolated have a 26-32% higher risk for early death
As individuals age, independence shifts as health declines. Loss of independence can lead to social isolation and depression. Being aware of your health conditions, both physical and mental, can allow for smoother transitions and can even prepare you and your caregivers if/when a crisis occurs.

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