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Butte Humane Society is excited to announce a new partnership with Chico Pet Works. We are teaming up to benefit our shelter dogs and cats that need a little extra hair care.
Chico Pet Works offers many products and services, including professional dog grooming and self-service pet wash stations, and they have generously offered to provide Butte Humane Society with 50% off their pro-groom services and 10% off their self-service pet wash..... read more
Pet Partnerships
Volunteer Spotlight: Delisa
Delisa with her two BHS alums,
Salvador and Foxy Brown.
Delisa F. has been a volunteer with BHS for over 10 years, and has given over 1,000 hours of her time to walk dogs! Delisa is a trained Level 2 dog walking volunteer, and always shows up to walk even the most challenging dogs in the heat and in the rain. Delisa tackles the hard work of walking dogs in the elements with determination and a positive attitude. Because of the skill it takes to walk our Level 2 dogs, they don’t get out for walks as frequently as our Level 1 dogs, so each week when Delisa visits, those dogs get essential trips outside to walk, let out pent up energy, and get some love.... read more
Clinic Corner
Affordable Vet Care for All!
Happy New Year!

Did you know that we offer veterinary exams, dental care, and more to the public? That's right! We pride ourselves in taking great care of our shelter pet's medical needs but we see cats and dogs that were not adopted from us as well! We believe quality, affordable veterinary care should be accessible to everyone in our community. While our clinic has always offered low-cost vaccines and spay/neuter services to the public, it became increasingly apparent that has our community needs access to quality, affordable veterinary care.  read more