This year, we’re thankful to leave 2020 behind us! Here’s what’s new at Planters bank in 2021:

Planters Bank Mobile App

The Planters Bank mobile app is available in your favorite app store! The Planters Bank app is an extremely convenient app to manage all of your banking needs, including checking account balances, making deposits, and transferring between accounts!
Lights, Camera, Save! Contest
The Lights, Camera, Save! Video contest is a call for teens to use their imagination to educate themselves and their peers about the value of building sound financial habits. With Lights, Camera, Save!, the sky is the limit!
Establish Good Credit to Secure Your Financial Future

We here at Planters Bank, along with the Independent Community Bankers of America, are encouraging you to take stock of your finances in 2021 and establish and maintain good credit habits to create a pathway to financial health and prosperity in the New Year. Not sure how to get started? Check out this list of tips for building and maintaining good credit:

  • Open a checking account with an FDIC-insured financial institution, such as a community bank, and keep careful track of your balance to help establish a credit history. 
  • Use debit and credit cards for convenience and safety, but not to overspend. Missed or late payments damage your credit and hurt your credit score. 
  • Develop a good mix of credit (such as a revolving credit line and an installment loan) to boost your credit score and demonstrate that you can manage different types of credit. 
  • Show stability in the three to six months before a major purchase. Avoid opening or closing accounts or moving large amounts of money around. 
  • Build an emergency fund equal to at least six months of living expenses. If the unexpected happens, you will still be able to pay fixed expenses instead of falling behind. 
  • Alter your credit focus as you approach different stages in your life. As you near retirement, for example, start paying down major purchases, such as a mortgage. 
  • Monitor your credit regularly so you can correct any errors and detect any potential signs of identity theft. Order a copy of your credit report annually from 

Need help getting started on any of the tips above? Planters Bank is here to help! Come see us today!