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Happy New Year!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Remember we are here to answer any of your questions! Call, text, or email anytime! ~Matt & Karen Kukura
New Year's insurance Check list!!
  1. Be sure to know what your 2022 plan covers! Knowledge is power, know your benefits!!
  2. Check to see if you have your new insurance cards and any other benefit cards that may apply to your plan.
  3. If you have an advantage plan always check to see if your Doctors are in network
  4. If you have a stand alone prescription drug plan make sure pharmacies are "preferred" or in network.
  5. If you go online ~ create an online account with your Medigap / Supplement policy, your Medicare Advantage plan or your stand alone prescription plan so you can easily check claims, doctors, pharmacies, prescriptions etc online.
  6. Create a account.
Love Birds are Real Birds!
While the term “lovebirds” has become a popular figure of speech, it’s also the common name for the Agapornis bird. This bird is a type of parrot that is native to the continent of Africa and can be found throughout the eastern and southern regions.

The animals typically travel in pairs, which is why many couples are referred to as lovebirds.

They also mate for life!
The 2 most common ways to get up to $144 (2022 it's $170.10) back on Medicare premiums, many commercials have not updated the $ amounts.

  • The first is partial Medicaid. Basically, your state will pay your Part B premium which is currently $170.10 in 2022. Qualification is based on income and assets. We can help to see if you qualify.
  • The second way is by enrolling into a Medicare Advantage plan that does not include prescription drug coverage. The carrier may "give back" a certain amount of money because prescription drug coverage is not included. This plan is popular with Veterans who get all their medications from the VA, or someone who already has "creditable prescription drug coverage". Remember if you don't have a prescription drug plan included in your plan or coverage considered creditable for Medicare you will incur a late enrollment penalty when you do decide to sign up for a prescription drug plan.
  • The third way is for an insurance company to offer a "partial" Part B premium "give back". Be careful most of these plans have MUCH HIGHER COPAYS and may not have a large of a network of doctors

Lastly- Be very careful of these ads. Watch for "you may qualify" or something similar in small print. The key word are "YOU MAY" NOT "YOU WILL"....And remember we can help you with any of these applications so call us first!
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The tallest building in the US is One World Trade Center in New York, which comes in at number six on the worldwide list. It stands at exactly 1,776 feet as a nod to the date of the Declaration of Independence
Tennessee Fun Fact!
The highest temperature ever recorded in Tennessee was 113 degrees fahrenheit. It was recorded on August 9, 1930 in Perryville, TN.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Tennessee was -32 degrees fahrenheit. It was recorded on December 30, 1917 in Mountain City, TN.
When do you enroll in Medicare?
Scammers are calling and saying they are with your insurance company and telling you they are the "Welcome Call" and they are not! Although insurance companies do give welcome calls others are taking advantage and lying to you. Do NOT give your personal information out under ANY circumstance!
Most people enroll around their 65th birthday. You can enroll during the 3 months before your birth month, the month of your birth and 3 months after that month giving you a 7 month initial enrollment period. Need more answers? We can help, just call, text, or email us!
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