Join us and follow the words of St. Guido M. Conforti to "Make of the World One Family!" 

Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX c elebrated the missionary feast of Epiphany with 18,000 university students at FOCUS. "Wise Ones still SEEK HIM."

Day 5 Livestream | SEEK2019

Resolved to unplug? Films, challenges urge the religious to reflect on digital lives
Social Animals - Official Trailer (2018) | Subconscious Films
Social Animals - Official Trailer (2018) | Subconscious Films
For Humza Deas, Instagram was a place to share his creative work that led to collaborations with Kanye West and major brands.  For Kaylyn Slevin, it became a place to share her love of fashion and interest in modeling.  For Emma Crockett, it was a place to connect with friends at her Christian high school.  But the popular image-sharing social media platform also was a place where the three teenagers encountered rumors, stalkers and bullies, according to "Social Animals," a 2018  documentary film  from Subconscious Films. Learn more.

Xaverian Missionaries' Coatbridge Community Foodbank

The volunteers at the foodbank have credited the Xaverian Fathers from the nearby Conforti centre as the brains behind the project.  Manager Angela said they are 'the board of directors, essentially,' and added that they are a huge presence in the unit, and give help to the team whenever they ask.  Eric Brady added that the local churches and schools have 'been absolutely great' at helping out.
'Around 99 per cent' of all the volunteers are Catholic, Angela said, explaining that although they are officially a Catholic organisation, they do not market themselves as one as they want the public to know that anyone can apply to volunteer, and that their beneficiaries are of all faiths and none. Discover more.

Listening to Young Adults Without Exception: Is the Catholic Church Ready for that Kind of Dialogue?

For a denomination canonically difficult to leave, many young (and not so young) American Catholics are migrating beyond the institution's immediate influence. Research suggests many young Catholics make this decision to leave by the age of thirteen. Scholars predict a steady increase of this exodus and its influence on not just Catholicism but the whole of American religion. Learn more.

Postsecular  Catholicism

Fr Carl Chudy SX has a new essay,  In Between Religion, Secularity, & Spiritualities: Some Implications for a Postsecular Catholicism. Read it here.
African Culture
An interview with Berlin-based Sierra Leonean electronic musician Lamin Fofana on Europe's longtime fascination with African culture. Discover more.

A pink fish, a fierce lion, an NBA basketball, or even an octopus. These are all potential shapes for the figurative coffins more popularly known as "fantasy coffins" that are made and used by the Ga people of Ghana. Discover more.

The Xaverian Missionaries serve in the countries of Sierra Leone, Burundi,   Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Celebrating Holy Childhood

"To have a Day dedicated to Holy Childhood Society, even if the dates are different in the world, means that, on that occasion, all the children on the continent are put in relation, in communication with each other. Jesus is the center and at the same time represents a bond for the children in the whole world" Learn more.
Order or download resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019. ¬≠Material for 2019 originates from the churches of Indonesia, where there is a strong emphasis upon the need for unity alongside the nation's ethnic and religious diversity. The resources also highlight issues of economic injustice and how religious pluralism can face challenges in the face of radicalisation. The theme is based around Deuteronomy 16:18-20, 'Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue...' 

Click here for r esources from the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference.

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