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Message from the President
Hey CPNA’ers,

This is our first edition of the “online” Crowley Park newsletter. Let us know how we are doing. No more paper newsletter stuck to your front door. Read and enjoy.

Did you have a Good Christmas? Were you able to check out the decorations in the neighborhood? Wishing you a good 2019. So far it has been very mild for January.

First activity for 2019 is the Bi-annual Trash Bash. This gives you an opportunity to check out the woods and creek bottom in Crowley Park and not worry about all the varmints, zoospores, phidoplanktons, mosquitoes, bugs, creatures and poison ivy. At the same time help clean up the accumulated trash and keep the park clean. Come on out on February 9 at 9:00AM and meet at the South Pavilion. This event will give you a chance to meet some new friends that you never knew you had. Be there or be square!

The CPNA is kicking off a campaign to add some floral beds at the corner of Jupiter and Renner and at Lookout and North Spring. Read further in the newsletter for more details. By the end of this year we will have added 100 trees to Crowley Park and hopefully we can get this project funded in a short time.

HELP! We are looking for individuals to get involved with the CPNA as board members and officers. If you are interested contact me at 972 238 7254. The rewards are immeasurable and you will have some fun and meet many new friends. The CPNA board meetings are open to all. We have a good track record of the board meetings starting at 6:30PM and ending before 8:30PM. We have never had a meeting last longer than 2 hours and we have 8 meetings a year. Come be part of a great organization. We appreciate your dues but we could use your time.

If you are leaving town on vacation notify your neighbors on all four sides of your home. Arrange to have someone pick up your mail and check your front door for packages, etc. Also check out RPD web site for other crime prevention tips. BE PROACTIVE do not be a victim.

Terry Ziegler
CPNA president

P.S. What did the right eye say to the left eye?? Something between us smells!?!?
Landscaping project at the corner of Jupiter Rd. / Renner Rd.
Trash Bash
February 9th | 9:00 - 11:00 AM
Meet at Spring Lake Dr & Blackberry Dr.
(at the picnic table in the park)
With all the rain we have had so far this year there is a lot of debris and STUFF which needs to be removed by volunteers during Trash Bash. City of Richardson supplies trash and recycle bags along with plastic gloves and tools to help get rid of the debris.

Spring Fling | Members Only Social
March 21nd | 6:00 PM @Senor Chachote

Join us as we will be hosting a  Neighborhood Spring Fling. Consider this your date night. Get a sitter (adults only) and enjoy some fellowship.

Calling All Dog Walkers

Sgt. Frank Bradford (Crime Prevention Unit) asked us to share information about the city’s new Dog Walker Program. It is based on the same model as CWP (Crime Watch Patrol) Read More...
How to Cope with Wildlife in your Neighborhood

Development in formerly wild habitats has made some neighborhoods more attractive and welcoming to wild animals such as coyotes and bobcats. Learn More...

Did you know Crowley Park has a Little Free Library? This library belongs to everyone! The books are always free. Take, share, or leave. 

CPNA's "Welcome Committee" was formed for the purpose of welcoming new members of Crowley Park. Who's new?

This is a great little blog started by a Richardson Mom searching for a directory of all the great playgrounds and parks. Check it out and find a new adventure for you and your squad!
Help beautify our Neighborhood Park
Help make our park trail more beautiful and shaded. We are close to completing this project of having enough trees in the park. Help us close the final stretch! Donate a tree in honor of your family, in memory of a loved one or contribute any amount towards the purchase of a tree. We are a non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible. 

When Recycling - Think Clean
Recycling participants are being reminded to Think EMPTY, CLEAN AND DRY when collecting items for recycling- the emptier, cleaner and drier the items , the more they are deemed acceptable and less recycling shipments are rejected.
Here’s how it works. The entity receiving a shipment of raw recycling commodities (plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard, etc.) inspects a sample to determine the percentage of the entire shipment that might not be clean and considered unacceptable. Current standard is that they will accept shipments with no more than .05 unacceptable items, or the entire shipment is rejected.
So. A cardboard pizza box may be recyclable, but if it’s greasy or scattered with stuck on pepperoni, it’s not – same for a plastic jar with a lot of peanut butter in the bottom. Even a paper bag full of newspapers isn’t acceptable if it gets rained on.
The easy rule of thumb to remember is no food, grease, or we materials- i.e. THINK EMPTY, CLEAN AND DRY! For more information about recycling in Richardson and a list of acceptable items, visit
Be Informed During Emergencies

During an emergency, it makes sense to get notifications through multiple methods- calls, texts, emails, twitter, cell phone applications, and NOAA radio alerts are all great options to make sure you stay informed and can react quickly.

  • Get a NOAA radio to receive weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service. Be sure to move to the safest area of your home, business, or school during Tornado Warnings
  • Sign up for calls, texts, and emails for utility outages, evacuation information, emergency conditions, and missing persons from the City of Richardson. Notifications are sent only to the area affected by the emergency. You cell phone number isn’t automatically included in these notifications, so you must opt in to stay informed.

City of Richardson appreciates the extra effort of Crowley Park residents to register for notifications and to prepare every household for emergencies. By registering and providing your information to first responders, we can stay better connected when minutes truly count. A little time spent now can save a lot of stress and worry later. 

Let’s Get Ready Richardson!   Find critical information about local hazards and preparedness actions from the City of Richardson Office of Emergency Management at or for more information call 972-744-0900.

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Eisemann Center Volunteers
Have Time? Love the Arts? Enjoy People?
Backstage the cast and crew bustle to make final preparations before the performance. Meanwhile in the Eisemann Center Volunteer Lounge, volunteers gather with house management to review the assignments and procedures for the event.

Picking Up Pennies

I was out for my daily walk and I came upon a shinny penny face up on the sidewalk in front of me. When ever I see a penny on the ground I always, always think of what my dad told me years ago. He said never pass up a penny, stop bend over and pick it up, they will all add up over time. Read more...
Tips for Living with Urban Coyotes

Why are they in the neighborhood? Like raccoons, opossums, and skunks, coyotes are drawn to neighborhoods by available food resources. This is key to getting rid of them. A consistent presence of
coyotes indicates a food source, like rodents, accessible garbage or compost, free-roaming cats, or pet food. 
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