Happy & Joyous NEW YEAR Everyone!!!
Now more than ever, as so many of us observe our world through different 'eyes, we realize the power of our consciousness and how we're co-creators with Divine and each other.  Creativity is our Divine nature. Whether we're creating from love, or that which is not love, it's our consciousness and what is in our hearts that creates all that we see before us; in our lives and in our world.  May this New Year, and beyond, offer us continuous opportunities for shifting into our hearts, and may we allow our hearts to be that through which we live.  May our true selves be in oneness with the hearts of all living beings. And, from this place in our hearts, may Christ consciousness emerge making us all witness to magnificent creations we may not have thought possible.

Sow Seeds of Love, Joy, Happiness, Inspiration, Compassion... most of all enJOY, and have a Blast!!   
    In Numerology 2014 is a....
7 Universal Year! 

Determine your personal year number
 and what it may mean for you...

And, January holds the magic of
Two Super Moons... 
May we all capture the magic!!


We are Birthing our True selves now...  take yourself gently into your arms... and tell yourself the Truth of who You are...  You are a Magnificent, Powerful Soul... God in form.  Nurture yourself, treat yourself like the Divine Being that you are...  look deep into your eyes and fall in Love with You... the real you... and celebrate your very existence on Earth

                                       ~ Faith Spina 



Opening the New Year with
ki and Beloved! 
Reiki Level I Workshop 
Saturday, January 18th, 2014
10:00am - 4:00pm 
Exchange - $150.00 
META Center, 214 W. 29th 16th fl.  NY
To Register:  bdominic

As some of you may
know, Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing therapy that brings balance and harmony to the body while it facilitates the body's natural ability to heal itself.  It's easy to learn for your own self care or to share this gift of healing with others.  The Reiki attunment ceremony, which is my favorite part, activates the healer within, and activates your spiritual birthrights gifts as well.       
See Reiki Workshops for more info 

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 
2:00 - 4:30pm
by donation!
Sanctuary of Divine Light, 2105 Wallace Ave., Bx

In this first gathering of 2014, my spirit guides,
known to me as Beloved Rainbow Council, will offer inspiring messages that opens our hearts and lifts our spirits. The messages, delivered in love and often laced with humor, are intended to assist us in seeing through our hearts so the Divine beings that we are might become more fully present in our lives.      

My space really is a bit limited so please RSVP by January 24th.  718-863-1553 or

The Universe Sees Us as LOVE!

We are the Infinite Light of
Rev Barbara


Rev. Barbara
Energy Healing Practitioner

Services Include:
- Reiki Healing 
  - Reiki Classes 
- Christ Light Healing
- Reconnective Healing  
- Spiritual Consultations 
- Channeled Messages  
- Distant Healing 
- Holistic Events   
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Messages from 
ArchAngel Michael

Crystal Clear Intentions: Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with
unwavering faith. After praying for guidance, be hold enough to admit what you truly desire. Know that you along with everyone else deserve the best of everything, in al ays. Prosperity and abundance are God's wishes for everyone.


Remember Who You Are: You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God.  You are very loved.  You are made in the image of your Creator, so you embody aspects of all those qualities. Your inner Divine light is pure and bright in truth, and no mistakes can undo God's handiwork of true perfection. Don't be afraid of your power, your magnificence, or your wisdom.  When you success you inspire other!


May you always have Angels by your side!

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