Happy New Year, Oaxis Family!

Wow! 2019 ALREADY? Really? Do you feel sometimes that time is going by so fast that you want to slow down and rest a moment? Maybe that’s true for our personal lives but for all of us here at Oaxis that isn’t an option. Oaxis is on the fast track and we can’t slow down! The momentum is gaining and it is so exciting. There are so many updates and we can’t wait to share them with you so let’s get started!

As of 12/31/18 the Oaxis platform - you know, that place on the internet where all of our family-focused programming will live, is being built! We are in weekly creative meetings coming up with the BEST, EASIEST, MOST ACCESSIBLE, and MOST EFFECTIVE ways that our platform will not only be user friendly but still look super cool and innovative as well! We will keep you updated on all aspects of the platform as we move into different creative levels of the build.

We are also finishing up final edits on our very first Oaxis progam. It was filmed over the summer and one of our most creative editors is adding the final touches. It looks so good and it’s fun to watch! This is the first of MANY programs we have coming up and as we move forward we will keep giving you updates. (And as things progress we many even start sharing behind-the-scenes photos!)

We are continuing to raise capital for our first development phase and it’s been one of the most exciting journeys we have ever experienced. Doors have begun to open. Doors that we never knew existed in the first place. We’ve had the pleasure to meet some of the most amazing investors who have such a heart to see families connect again thru entertainment. They (and we) want to make a difference in the lives of children, tweens, young adults, adults, seniors and anyone else that’s on the face of this wonderful planet earth! We are looking to raise $50 million for this first phase so if you know of anyone who might be interested in investing in people’s lives through entertainment, please email us at:


Thank you for being our cheerleaders, encouragers and our family! 


Butch & Julieann Hartman

Oaxis Entertainment