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2019 Giving at Casa
"Preserving the Past, Enriching the Future"
Thanks to the support of The Italian Cultural Foundation benefactors, members, and friends, the dream of establishing an Italian Cultural Foundation as a vital part of our community is here to stay! Help us continue to preserve and restore a significant place in America's story, while also preserving and promoting our rich and centuries-old culture.
The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere is a registered 501 (c) (3) public charity. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.
Welcome New 2019 Members
Mr. & Mrs. James J. McBratney
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tormey
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Territo
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Albunio
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fitzgibbons
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kramer
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Tinari
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Powell
Ms. Kathleen Curatolo
Ms. Marilyn Venterina, Esq.
Ms. Antonella Sciretta, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Yan Katsnelson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Evangelista
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Terzino
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore G. DeLauro
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic N. Catello
Mr. & Mrs. David Estorino
Mr. & Mrs. John Vento
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sollazzo
Dr. Jeffrey V. Lucido
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Isoldi
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rizzo
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Korkowski
Dr. & Mrs. Salvatore Germino
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Corbett
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Martorana
Mrs. Vivian Cardia
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. DeStefano
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Sarlo
Mr. & Mrs. John Caselli
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Esposito
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Corhan
Mr. Charles Ricottone
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Stella
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Boylan
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Santo
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Spencer
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Sciascia
Ms. Sondra Slipstein
Dr. & Mrs. Frank Scafuri, III
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Merone
Sean P. Gannon
Angela Gorini-Perrone
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. LiRosi
Dr. & Mrs Joel W. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Zurica
Ms. Jeanine M. Camerlengo
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Torino
Thomas H. Judge
Teresa D'Amato
Ms. Gail Donnarumma
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Mitchell
Maria Romeo
Jim Pace
Philip J. Scafuri
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Salinardi
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Zaccone
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Monte
Steven A. Giarrantano
Joseph Cortrino
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lattari
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Angelico
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Romagnolo
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Italian Traditions
"Cenone di San Silvestro"
New Year’s Eve for Italians
Like so many other holidays,"Cenone di San Silvestro" (Saint Silvester's Big Dinner) or "Cenone di Capodanno" (New Year's Eve Big Dinner) is celebrated with a large, festive meal.

Cena: Dinner
Cenone: Big Dinner

For Full Article & Traditional New Year's Eve Recipe CLICK HERE
Tombola (Italian Bingo)
Playing Tombola is a time-honored Italian holiday tradition. This lively game is typically played from Christmas Eve, while awaiting midnight Mass, through Epiphany (while awaiting La Befana!) The rules are simple enough to engage generations of relatives to play at the same time. Tombola, dubbed the Italian "Bingo" is far more colorful and uniquely Italian. Read more
Save the date: April 7th at 7:00pm
La Befana
La Befana (pronounced beˈfaːna) is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5) similar to Santa Claus. A popular belief is that her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany (Italian: Festa dell'Epifania). Read more

La Befana is coming to Casa on January 6th!! Register now to join us!!
Special Thanks to:
Casa Belvedere's Major Benefactors
Gina Biancardi 
Salvatore & Helen Calcagno - SCCI 
John & Connie Profaci
Michael & Joyce Pucciarelli
Luciano Rammairone
Casa Belvedere's Major Corporate & Institutional Donors
And Casa Belvedere's Major Patrons
Salvatore & Sabrina Basso - Basso Landscaping
Anthony Perosi
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