January 1, 2020
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Celestial Greetings and Best Wishes for 2020!

If you've been waiting for a fresh start, a time to get things moving in a better direction, the time has come! The combination of planetary influences at the start of 2020 is great for getting organized, thinking big and using instincts combined with positive visualization to achieve your desired results.
You can make good use of the extraordinary emphasis on the practical Earth sign Capricorn in place as the year begins. (Three slow planets and three quick ones are all in this one small slice of the sky pie.) Set goals, schedule the steps to accomplish them on your calendar, make check lists, and you'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. It feels good to to prioritize and focus on what matters most, and to throw out stuff and give other things away. Less is indeed more - more space, more headspace.
NASA photo - Jupiter with 2 of its moons
What are the planets up to?

Jupiter recently entered Earth sign Capricorn, where it will join Pluto three times in 2020 and spend the year aiming for Saturn.
The moment a new year begins is a "man-made" construct, not an astronomical phenomenon. We could still make astrological inferences from it, but I'm reluctant to. As with any beginning point in time, you can construct a chart, and a large part of what it portends depends on the place where you set it. So there are many potential variations. So let's set that aside and check just planetary connections with a broader and longer-lasting impact.

Pluto (sometimes called the "garbage man" of the solar system) has been in Capricorn for more than a decade and will be there four more years. Its long-term impetus is to promote change, get rid of systems that don't work, and streamline processes for greater efficiency. Saturn, the sign's ruling planet, has been in Capricorn since the end of 2017, adding the perspective of time and how it's not infinite, necessitating strategy and decisions with a long-range view. This duo is sobering and calls for maturity. It tests responsibility and judgment. It teaches boundaries and living within limitations.

After Saturn passes Pluto in January, it goes on to dance back and forth across the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp throughout the year. Jupiter is quicker, moving through one sign in about a year. It joins both Saturn and Pluto in 2020, teaming up with Pluto three times before reaching Saturn in Aquarius at the next Winter Solstice. (They only get together every two decades.) For a lot of this year, all three are in Capricorn. This is our best chance in years, decades even, to get your act together. The six planets in Capricorn to start 2020 gives a big boost. So get those resolutions made and underway!

Meanwhile, Uranus is about one year into its 7-year trip through Earth sign Taurus. It likes to shake things up and will challenge the status quo that the Capricorn grouping is trying to solidify. (It also literally means a shake-up of the earth itself; the usual volcano and earthquake danger zones should be on high alert.) Currency volatility and revolutionizing values are other possible developments. This adds to the Earth element's focus on material existence and the importance of finding a balance or creating a blend between old ways and new trends. The Saturn/Capricorn paradigm is to face our tasks with resolve, but there's not really joy in it. It's stern and stoic messages are "Chin up" and "Keep calm and carry on." Uranus will ensure we don't slip into boredom; we'll have to hop to its quirky tune as its influence dominates much of the coming decade.

The December episode of LOOKING UP, entitled "2020 Vision," anticipates the new year's important planetary activity with a heads up to prepare you and a discussion of which signs will be impacted most and which might have a calmer time. (That said, remember that we all have all the signs in our charts.)

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In closing ...

I hope the information in this newsletter, my blogs and Looking Up shows will help you handle the current and upcoming planetary influences with greater ease and awareness, and use the celestial tides to your advantage! Wishing you a happy new year!

Yours in the stars, Janet Booth
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