Volume 12 Issue 15 | December 30, 2023

New Year 2024 Office Hours

New Year Office Hours for Our Lady


Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery will have reduced office hours from December 30, 2023, to January 3, 2024. Hours of operation are listed below. 



  • December 30 & 31, 2023 - office will be closed.


  • January 1 & 2, 2024 - office will be closed.


Regular office hours will resume Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  


If circumstances require IMMEDIATE assistance, please call the cemetery cell phone at 737-444-5234. Someone will get back with you as soon as possible.


PLEASE NOTE: Cemetery Hours

Our Lady will continue to keep the normal opening and closing hours for the cemetery. The cemetery will open at Dawn and close at Dusk during the holiday season. 

The Jesse Tree and Christmas Decorations

Advent and the Placement of the Jesse Tree in the Garden of Precious Love

Our Lady of the Rosary marks the beginning of the Holy Advent Season with the presentation of the Jesse Tree in the Garden of Precious Love on the cemetery grounds. 


The Jesse Tree represents the family tree, or genealogy of Jesus Christ. It tells the story of God's salvation plan, beginning with creation and continuing through the Old Testament, to the coming of the Messiah. The name comes from Isaiah 11:1, "A shoot will spring forth from the stump of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots."


The Jesse Tree remains in the garden through the Epiphany which occurs 12 days after Christmas. In 2024, the Epiphany falls on Saturday, January 6.

Brief Epiphany History:

The Epiphany, which happens on the 12th day after Christ’s birth, marks the arrival of the magi to the place where Jesus was born and where the wise men presented their three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrhh. This day also marks the revelation of Christ as the Son of God and in numerous religions marks the end of the Christmas season.

If anyone wishes to keep the ornament they place on the Jesse Tree, the ornament must be removed by the end of the day, Sunday, January 7, 2024. The Jesse Tree will be removed from the cemetery on Monday, January 8, 2024.

Our Lady Introducing New Supervisor of Rules and Regulations

Welcome, Ann Barnett

Supervisor of Rules and Regulations

In keeping with the tradition of the Epiphany and Christmas Season, Our Lady allows families to leave decorations, small trees and mementos on the gravesites of their loved ones through January 6. We know many times that visiting friends and relatives place items on the loved one’s gravesite and are not aware of the cemetery’s regulations. To help inform visitors, Our Lady has strategically placed three signs on the grounds to address our policy stated in the Rules and Regulations that all families sign at the time of purchasing one or more plots. We ask all plot owners to communicate our regulations to family members and friends to help keep our cemetery grounds beautiful.


Our Lady is pleased to announce that beginning January 1, 2024, Ann Barnett will begin her role of Supervisor of our Rules and Regulations. Ann Barnett and her husband Mike are also members of the Board of Our Lady and participate in the second Saturday Rosary group.


This is to give you notice that on Tuesday, January 9, Ann and her community of volunteers will walk the cemetery and remove all extra items on non-complying gravesites. Any items removed will be put in labeled bags and stored onsite near the office. Please use the time from reading this newsletter until January 8, to remove any Christmas decorations or non-compliant items from your space and keep them safe at your home.


If you find items have been removed from your space, contact the office and someone will assist you as soon as possible. Direct contact information will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.


Our Lady deeply appreciates our families who contribute so much to the beauty of the cemetery with natural plantings and wonderful monuments containing a symbol of faith. It will be lovely to see Our Lady continually maintained to the vision of having pristine and un-cluttered grounds!

The section below gives a list of what is not allowed in the cemetery.


From Rules and Regulations:


Ornamentation: In addition to planted flowers, a limit of two items is allowed at each traditional burial grave. A limit of one item is allowed at each infant/child grave. Additional items and/or plantings are not allowed in the Butterfly Garden cremation burial area or the St. Francis Walk cremation burial area. The cemetery staff may remove any ornamentation or decorations at the discretion of management without notification.


List presented to each plot owner during the purchase process:




Your loved one is resting in a place of natural beauty.


Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Garden was designed using the European model. Nick and Ellen Brumder heard the calling and conceived this dream in 2004, the year of the rosary. Pope John Paul II sent his blessings in a letter. This cemetery would be "natural" - reflecting the seasons of the year; each season showing its natural beauty: the dryness in Winter, the new beginnings of Spring; the brightness of Summer and the changing in the Fall. This is our life's cycle too.


Hence, we are asking each family, their relatives and friends to comply with the following. As a benefit, our grounds can be better maintained and opening and closing graves will do less damage to adjacent gravesites.


• NO Borders including plants/flowers (Forest Garden is excluded from this rule)

• NO Rocks

• NO Solar Lights or lighting of any kind, this includes candles which are hazardous

• NO Yard Art (spinning birds or wind catchers, garden globes, etc.)

• NO Shepherd Hooks of ANY size

• NO Windchimes

• NO Hanging Baskets

• NO Astroturf

• NO Mulch higher than 6"

• NO Miniature Fir Trees

• NO Bushes or Giant-Species Flowers (Only 12-18" high)

• NO Plastic of any kind

• NO Toys, gloves, balls, caps, shoes, boots, clothing

• NO Glass Vases** or glass items of any kind

• NO Beer Cans, Soda Bottles, Champagne/Wine Bottles

• NO Metal of any kind including wire baskets around plants

• NO Silk Flowers

• NO Wreaths or Wreath Stands (allowed for Easter and Christmas during holiday period)


**A terra cotta ground pot which holds water which slowly seeps into the ground is the BEST way to maintain fresh-cut flowers.



We invite you to celebrate your loved one's birthday ON the day of his/her birth. Our picnic area is located in the trees at the pond behind our Information Board. Happy Birthday helium balloons are permitted but will be removed as they become deflated.

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer Gardens is a special place of peace, beauty, reverence and unity. The Cemetery offers a number of burial rites including traditional burial, green burial and cremation burial. We work directly with families and funeral homes in Austin and the surrounding areas to ensure that the burial service for your loved one is handled in the most caring and compassionate way.


The cemetery welcomes individuals of all faiths from the Austin area and beyond. Whether you are in a time of need or planning for the future, the caring staff at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is waiting to walk by your side.

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