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Happy 2018 from AGA!!
Happy New Year to all of you, our friends, members, and producers!  

2018 is looking to be a great year for AGA - we are continuously growing, improving, and excited for all the excitement ahead!  

Looking forward, AGA has a few exciting firsts and happenings:
  • First AGA Certified Dairy Product Launch by Kalona - Look for the AGA label in stores
  • First program for a monogastric animal!  We are looking to launch a pasture-raised program for Hogs this year
  • First time co-sponsoring Quirvira Coalition Conference in Albuquerque, NM

Looking back on 2017, we are proud to have had:
  • Over 50 new members and producers join AGA
  • Launched our Grassfed Dairy Standards
  • Received endorsements by Mercola and Organic Consumers Association
  • Began a stronger campaign for American Grassfed Farmers - ensuring a solid future for our family farms and ranches
  • Hosted a lovely conference at Stone Barns Center For Food and Agriculture where we had 15 industry leading speakers such as Kari Underly, Peter Byck, Mary Berry, and Lisa Stokke
  • Been featured as expert speakers at conferences such as Slow Food Nations, Eat Think Drink, The Local Food Summit, and Shiftcon
  • Been the ONLY Grassfed Organization to be invited to the table to share ideas at the Global Regenerative Conference
How are you are boosting rural economies? Do you supporting the local sports team and/or your community? Are your kids excelling at school or inventing on the farm? We want to share the stories of you, the American farmers, at work in your community!  

Send us your story and if we publish it, you will get an AGA Hat!

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AGA Included on Latest Eco Label Ratings by The Hartman Group
WAY TO GO AGA CERTIFIED PRODUCERS!!  We are making a difference in the marketplace and consumers recognize the AGA label and what it stands for! 

As Reported by Sustainable Food News on Dec. 21, 2017

"Food and beverage marketers have developed an array of iconography in the form of claims, certifications and seals on food and beverage product packaging as a quick-reference aid for consumers, with the most influential related to organics, pesticides, animal welfare, fair trade and GMOs, according to  The Hartman Group.

Drawing from its r eport, " Sustainability 2017: Connecting Benefits With Values Through Purposeful Consumption," the Bellevue, Wash.-based market research and consulting firm provided a look at some of the more common icons and the link between how familiar consumers are with them and their impact on purchasing"

Who: Spencer Smith with White Oak Pastures and Savory Institute

What: Build Soil, Build Wealth Event - A Holistic Management Workshop

Where: White Oak Pastures Admin Offices - 111 South Broad St  Bluffton, GA

When: April 22-25, 2018

How Much: One-day Pass - $100; Four-Day Pass - $600

Space is limited so Sign up online TODAY!

The School Of Adaptive AG is Open for Applications!

Learn to Farm With SAA

Are you looking for your entry point into sustainable agriculture? Having a strong understanding of crop production, animal husbandry, business management, industrial arts, and community dynamics is integral to launching you into the food system. Join us at SAA for an inspirational and transformational 12 weeks. We are now accepting applications for 2018 Spring and Summer terms!

The School of Adaptive Agriculture's program is designed for practical people who are ready to make a difference in the real world. Students' with a desire to enter a career in agriculture equipped with essential skills, knowledge, and resources. Students who want to be among the million new farmers, ranchers, and small businesses this country needs in order to transform agriculture through creative and profitable enterprises.

At the School of Adaptive Agriculture, students are immersed in a residential training program and are exposed to a broad spectrum of scales, styles, strategies, and skills. This 12-week program combines experiential learning on a 5,000-acre diverse ranch with classroom based learning in order to send students off with a comprehensive vocabulary, skill set, and understanding of the foundations of small-scale agriculture. You will live and work on a beautiful 5,000-acre ranch with diverse vegetables, grains, fruit trees, and livestock. Guest instructors and staff members provide a comprehensive skill-based curriculum in business management, marketing, industrial arts, animal husbandry, soil and ecology, and crop production, supported by an understanding of the theory and history of our food systems. You will leave with hands-on practical experience, and a framework for thinking outside the box, creative decision-making, and communication that improves your business planning, community networking, and relationship building. Over 25 field trip hosts and 12 guest instructors participate in the learning experience, giving students a well-rounded education that will help to launch them into a career in the food system.

Consumers WILL Pay More for Products With Positively Perceived Labels!

Arizona State University professor finds consumers will pay up to $1.26 per pound more for meat with 'natural' label.

A new study shows consumers unfamiliar with the USDA "natural" definition are willing to pay $1.26 more per pound for the standalone natural label. And they're willing to pay even more when combined with other positively-perceived labels, as much as $2.43 more per pound for natural and no growth hormone.


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