January 2018
Happy New Year!
We hope you enjoy Flower Angels’ 2017 video portraying our labor of love throughout the year. 
Flower Angels heart-touching work takes a village. We have served more than 55000 volunteer hours and have delivered 32,600 floral arrangements and moments of kindness. Kindness is giving hope to those who think they are all alone in the world. Our Flower Angels’ family is an army of kindness and love…something the world needs more of. I think of the many sick and lonely people that have had their day brightened and hearts warmed by Flower Angels’ random acts of love. I think of how many people have “received their final set of orders to report to heaven” feeling someone cared about them and that their final chapter in this life mattered. (read below)

I am grateful to our wonderful volunteers, sponsors and donors and wish everyone a blessed joyous New Year. We say HELLO to 2018 with the addition of some wonderful new volunteers on our team including Harry Henry and Allan Wilson. With their professional guidance, we look forward to the blessings 2018 will bring. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Suzanne Carter

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Christmas Gratitude - December
A Special Note

"I want to thank Yarmouth Board of Selectmen Chairman Tracy Post, Flower Angels USA of South Yarmouth Executive Director Suzanne Carter , and Steve Xiarhos of the Yarmouth Police Department. On December 15th they gave my husband, Ralph Banta, and other Veterans some beautiful new coats and precious moments of friendship, respect, and fun. Ralph - the handsome guy in the shirt that says RED - laughed, teased the ladies, joked with Steve and told a few Sea Stories. They made him feel like "The Senior Chief" again.

He loved his jacket!
Steve and Mayflower's Administrator, Peter even took time to talk with him later and treat him as though he was very special. 
It was one of his happiest days in quite a while and his last. Unfortunately, a couple of days later he went into the hospital and on December 21st he received his final set of orders to report to heaven. 

He suffered a lot in those few days but I will always be grateful that he had that afternoon with amazing people who saw him for what he was instead of someone to feel sorry for - he truly was amazing. ...and so are they.
Thank you."
Our annual Christmas celebration was a wonderful opportunity for all of our workshop volunteers including our wonderful adults from Cape Abilities, Community Connections, and LIFE communities to gather and enjoy a sweet time of gratitude for our mission. Food, carols, and visits from special friends made for a great reminder of how lucky and blessed we all are.

Our Spectacle of Trees Winner!!!

What an amazing way to end 2017! Our Spectacle of Trees entry was a favorite of many who viewed it at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis. Thank you to all who contributed to this major fundraiser. Our lucky winner from Harwichport was thrilled with the tree and all its gifts. She visited our Monday workshop on December 11th to thank us all. On her second visit, she made a special point to thank Flower Angel Ellen (left) for the special dollhouse she created. Congratulations to Deb D'Agostino and all of her family!
May you have a happy, blessed 2018!
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  Statistics show 85% of nursing facility residents seldom have visitors and 60% never have a visitor. Flower Angels has delivered over 32,000 bouquets and moments of kindness across Cape Cod since 2014! Help us continue our mission of love and donate today! Your generosity will touch so many wonderful people.