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January 2017
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  • DesignCon 2017
    Booth 104

  • DSI-2 Protocol Analyzer

  • D-PHY/C-PHY Device Emulation
Happy New Year! 

From all of us at Introspect, we wish you a wonderful 2017. We are starting the year with exciting developments and news! Our MIPI catalog continues to grow with the release of the world's first DSI-2 Protocol Analyzer, now standard on all D-PHY and C-PHY Analyzers.  We have also expanded our device emulation technology with a new low cost display or camera module emulator. And we are showcasing exciting developments at Designcon 2017.

Read on to learn more about upcoming events and exciting new products!  

Introspect Technology
Event: DesignCon 2017 @ Booth 104
Come join us in the heart of Silicon Valley to see the latest innovations in high-speed interface test methodologies and to discover how Introspect is providing engineers with unprecedented insight into their SerDes links.

Experience live demonstrations of the low-power, high bandwidth capability of MIPI imaging  and projection architectures over D-PHY/C-PHY. Introspect's world-leading generators will perform packet transmissions into commercial embedded receivers,  showcasing current and next generation standards.

Curious to see how Introspect enables system-level test?  See our SV1C train up and exercise a standard, off-the-shelf PCIe end point, engaging parallel lanes of high-bandwidth traffic using a tester that can fit in the palm of your hand.
World's First MIPI DSI-2 Protocol Analyzer!

Introspect continues its mission of providing a single test platform for all phases of product development with the addition of DSI-2 Protocol Analysis for MIPI D- and C-PHY Analyzers.  Sophisticated capture and analysis tools provide the ability to view every frame, decode packet details and locate errors.  Raw event tables and time stamps allow you to correlate individual lane events to errors in final, merged traffic.  

Stop by our booth at DesignCon to see it in action or contact us directly to learn more! 
MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY Device Emulation!
Tired of having to create your own device emulation platforms and spending months supporting them? Introspect understands, and we have now created a new category of product for exactly this purpose! Inexpensive, automated, and third-party supported, our E-Series testers allow host or module emulation at a fraction of the cost of our Personalized SerDes Testers. Illustrated here is the SV4E, a highly versatile DSI-2 or CSI-2 protocol generator with D-PHY and C-PHY signaling. Small and affordable, the SV4E finds a place in any lab and factory!