January Classes

All classes are held Thursdays from 1-2pm at MACnician. We are located at  1450 Park Ave. West, Highland Park.

Jan 5        No class.

Jan 12     Getting Started with your iPhone/iPad.   Do you have a new device and need to know  the  basics?  Do you need a refresher with your iPhone and iPad?  This class will help you understand the basics plus give you a few tips to help you make the most of your device.

Jan 19     Getting Started with your Mac.  Do you have a new Mac? Have you recently converted from Windows or need a review?  This class will go over basic navigation of the Mac, show you a few shortcuts and allow time to answer questions regarding your use of the computer.   

Jan 26     Make a Photobook using the Photos app on your Mac.  What are your plans for all the photos you took over the holidays?  Make a photobook! We will go over the steps and get you started with your own photobook using the Photos app on your Mac.  It's fun and easy!

All classes are from Thursdays from 1-2pm and are $30.

Email Blair ( blair@applelearn.com) for additional information or to register.  

What's up for February?  We will be teaching Pages, Numbers and Keynote (on the Mac) in our iWork series.

Does Your Desktop Look Like This?

Start off 2017 with a clean desktop.  It's easy to store frequently accessed documents on your Desktop but if you never clean them up, having a lot of documents there can slow down your Mac.  

If you've dragged photos to your Desktop from the Photos app (to print or share, for example), put them in the Trash if that's been done.  Or, if you have photos there and aren't sure if they're in the Photos app, drag them to the app.  It will notify you if they're already there and then you can delete them from your Desktop.

You can also use the built-in organizing tools in your Mac by moving things into your folders (Documents, Photos, Movies, etc.). You can also create your own folders to organize documents and even keep shortcuts in your Finder sidebar or on your Dock.

We can help you organize or sign up for our January 19 class on "Getting Started on Your Mac"!
Just a reminder that you can stop by MACnician for a hardware diagnosis or estimate at no charge.  .

AppleLearn also has drop-in hours on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-3:30.  Come for a mini-session to get your questions answered. Please call or text Blair (847-606-1546) prior to stopping in to confirm she'll be there.

We also offer other services:
Apple mobile device repair - Craig Baron (847) 602-2438
Website development - Shelley Frisch (847) 274-8302

Brian Sugarman | Macnician | 224-770-0070 | Click Here to Email Brian | macnician.com

Blair Miller | AppleLearn | 847-606-1546 | Click Here to Email Blair | applelearn.com