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2nd graders tour the Avery House
Field trips to the Avery House bring history to life and light up children's imaginations.
Fort Collins second graders have been taking field trips to the Avery House for generations. This tradition, which many parents remember from their own Fort Collins childhood, makes history come alive for our youngest citizens and is just one example of your PLF donation dollars at work.

After his tour, second grader Rowdy said,  "Thank you for teaching me about the Avery House. My favorite part was the shiny buttons. I learned it was hard in the old days!"

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Vintage Happy New Year Card
Happy New Year from PLF!

As 2016 closes, we are grateful for the legacy of our predecessors. The fact that the Avery House and Water Works still stand is a reflection not only of their original builders but of the dedicated community members whose work ensures that these structures will be preserved, protected, and appreciated for years to come.

The end of the year is a great time to help preserve, honor, and celebrate the past. You can Donate to PLF now and receive a deduction on your 2016 taxes.

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