PhyllisGoldie and Associates
Phyllis Goldie and Associates
Happy New Year from Phyllis Goldie and Associates!
We hope this email finds you well and looking forward to a new year filled with new opportunities. For many (including us) this is a time for reflection and a time to plan for the coming year. 
In 2017 we made many new friends and built on our existing relationships with our valued dealers.  Highlights include adding to our dealer client's bottom line through cost saving processes and efficiencies, personnel training and contract negotiation, and advising on Buy/Sells to ensure timely, efficient and profitable closings. 
We are so grateful for our dealers that put their trust in us and gave us the honor of working with them and their team to make their great organizations even better!  Thank you everyone for making PGA's 2017 the best year yet!
In 2018 our focus will continue to expand into all areas of department analysis and improvement, personnel evaluation, forms building, buy/sells and manufacturer application processing.
If there are areas that you would like to address please let us know!  We would be happy to discuss, at no cost or obligation, what we can do for you.  Many of our most in depth projects that have shown the best results started with a casual phone call.  Whether it is an ongoing relationship or one time consult we would love to hear from you.
Until then, have a most Happy and Successful 2018!

New for 2018!  

We will be sharing thought provoking questions to consider or quick tips that will enable you to restore more precious profit back to your bottom line.   It is our platform that there are "missed opportunities" in every dealership.  We hope that going forward you will find these helpful.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.  We would love to hear from you!
What's NOT In Your Pocket?

How much are you REALLY spending on  used vehicle  reconditioning ? Verify what charges are being used to calculate your recon amount.  Is towing, buyer's fees, auction fees or other NON-RECON dollars being included when calculating this amount?  

Maybe you thought you were spending too much so you scaled it back, when in fact you may not be spending enough.  Not spending enough can lead to excessive come backs, unsatisfied customers, lost opportunities and even potential liability.

"If you want something you have never hadyou must be willing to do something you have never done ."  - Unknown 

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