Greetings and welcome to our first company newsletter!
I’m thrilled to announce that we celebrated the 2 nd  anniversary of my new company, P.S. 314, this past October. I established P.S. 314 in 2015 to bring like-minded people together, who operate at the intersection of philanthropy, social causes, and storytelling, to drive social change.
I look at P.S. 314 as a matchmaker. We match our clients - individuals and institutions -- with the team and strategies they need for the betterment of society. I've learned through experience the importance and power of partnerships ensure the collective impact on the social good. We’ve built an amazing network, and in 2018 we’ll continue to partner with change-makers across the country and globe.
I invite you to visit our newly relaunched website ( ), where you can learn more about our services, team, and clients along with innovative change-makers and thought leaders who continue to inspire us. I’ll be in touch again in March as part of a regular newsletter, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Below, please enjoy some highlights from P.S. 314, featuring the important work we are doing together with our consultants, clients and those who inspire us!

Pi-Isis S. Ankhra | President + Founder, P.S. 314

“We need storytelling. Otherwise, life just goes on and on like the number Pi.”
- Ang Lee, Life of Pi
In August 2016, independent production company Point Made Films sought P.S. 314’s help in getting their films and online curriculum to the next stage of production. Over the course of six months, we worked hand-in-hand with Point Made as we designed a plan to help them increase revenue and generate partnerships for their new product. 

“It wasn’t just a new product for them, it was a contribution to making society better and I thought they really loved and appreciated that aspect and were rooting for us and were wanting to make a contribution to us to make that happen,” said Barb Lee, Owner | Point Made Films.

Our partnership with Point Made opened up the market of possibilities to explore funding and investment structures from a wider range of parties and various industry sectors. The result: Point Made Films was introduced to a network of potential collaborators, sponsors, influencers, and customers that they otherwise wouldn’t have met.
“We got to a place where we could at least potentially have a whole new market, and P.S. 314 helped us get there,”
said Barb Lee.
Individual Giving | Organizational Development
One of P.S. 314’s first consultants, Michon Lartigue is a dynamic change-leader with experience fundraising, coaching, and writing. Michon has 20 years of experience working full-time for or with nonprofits, small companies, and individuals.
The type of expertise and guidance she brings to clients at P.S. 314 is priceless, as is evidenced by her work with Point Made Films. Michon’s background as a writer provides a creative flair and approach, both to her fundraising, development, and communications work, but also in helping others with creative projects. This includes strategic positioning, securing resources for creative content, coaching through logistics of content development, and helping authors and filmmakers develop ancillary products or events to market their core creative projects.In addition to her work with P.S. 314, Michon sits on the board of City Blossoms, an urban gardening organization that serves youth and children in Washington, DC.
“Her background makes Michon an ideal consultant to work with us because she fuses these skills with great ease and is able to translate our company methodology in support of our client's goals,”
said Pi-Isis S. Ankhra, President and Founder of P.S. 314.
Facilitator | Creative | Consultant
Jennifer Edwards is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JenEd Productions LLC, a consultancy firm geared toward strategic road-mapping and planning for thoughtful and sustainable companies and projects.
Using a tailored approach, Jennifer helps clients facilitate learning and build structures for sustainability. She applies lessons from design and art to social change, coming at situations with a different perspective.
“I sharpened these skills on the stages of slam poetry venues – where I felt each shift of the audience, I felt where to pause, where to push an idea forward, when to repeat a line for effect and to give them – the audience – what they needed to feel my words. These skills of showing up – of being present are what I bring into work situations and what I aim to surface in the projects and ventures I help people launch,” says Jennifer.
Jennifer’s innovative leadership and strategic thinking serve as a constant source of inspiration for us at P.S. 314 as we collaborate and create.