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The Church (part 1 of 3)
By Alicia Cortez
Promise Helpers

This part 1 of a 3-part series from our very own Alicia Cortez. Parts 2 and 3 will follow in February and March.

I walked into the church doors, I didn’t know what to expect. I was here to support a family member that has a drug addiction and he entered into a faith-based drug rehabilitation. This was the church that supported them. As I walked in, I saw people smiling, good smell of cookies, children laughing. “Hey, this isn’t so different than other churches”, I thought to myself. Then, I rounded the corner where the service had already started, worship was already in progress. 

I immediately felt the love of The Holy Spirit. I could see on every face, Grace, Mercy, Repentance, Love. The altar was an open altar, and people were going up, weeping, kneeling, praying, all through the worship. Grown men, raising their hands in praise, submission, repentance, help. 

I thought, “Wow”. Just a freedom and openness and complete brokenness, but covered by The Blood, covered by Grace, covered by Love. People not hiding their sin, not “fake it till you make it”, but a complete openness about what had them here at this place. I had wondered if I would be able to tell the people who were part of the drug rehab, would they look different on a Sunday morning? To my amazement, yes, they did look different. They all had on their HOPE HOUSE t-shirts, black with the bright green lettering. They all wore them proudly, as if to be in unity in the fight. The guys who had been there 6 months, 6 weeks, or 6 days…. it didn’t matter, they wore their t-shirts and sat together and supported each other. 

I loved that service, the openness of repentance, the acceptance of the other members, the worship. I admired the fellas that were in the drug rehab, wearing their “sin” openly on their t-shirts, willing for anyone to support them and pray for them. It made me wonder, would we all be as brave to wear our struggles, sin, or failures so openly on a Sunday morning in church? God has been growing me through this journey with my family member. Drug addiction isn’t easy to overcome. I am thankful to the HOPE HOUSE for taking in so many fellas and walking with them to restoration and recovery. 

For more information about how you can support HOPE HOUSE or more information about HOPE HOUSE, go to www.lhohopehouse.org or click the link below.
I also challenge each of us to provide a little contribution to scholarships for women coming out of addiction to attend Promise Helpers Retreat in the spring. I have opened an invitation to the addiction center here for women to attend Retreat as we support women in the home, what a gift to be a part of that walk back to the heart of the home.
The Promise Center's News

Ashley Barnett is a Nutritional Therapist, a pastor’s wife, mother of three young children, and a Promise Helpers and Promise Center supporter. She is offering a “Building Healthy Habits 101” class on January 13th from 3:00-5:00 at the Promise Center. The cost is $15.

I’m Ashley Barnett, creator of Table Connections. I grew up in a small town where family mealtime was spent catching up on each other’s day and listening to my sister’s newest jokes. I attended Texas Tech University, received a degree in Elementary Education, and taught for several years. After marrying and having kids close in age, I became a stay-at-home mom. Making homecooked meals became a passion for me, yet seeing both my husband’s and my own health begin to slip awakened us to search for better health. Hearing the news that my husband was in the pre-diabetic range on his blood work fueled the fire for answers.

Seeing diabetes on both sides of our household made us worry for our kids’ health. It’s amazing what changes we will make for those we love. The old adage, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” was true in our case. God provided incredible support for us in our transition. A non-traditional Nurse Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner came into our lives and began to work with us on our health. With time and the ripple effect of many small changes, my husband is now in the normal ranges on all his blood work multiple years running.

This shift in our health made all the difference as our energy levels increased, brain fog lifted, and negative signs and symptoms we believed were “normal” faded. We could feel the positive effects of eating real, whole foods . It sparked such an empowering interest that I enrolled int the Nutritional Therapy Association and received a certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

The Nutritional Therapy Association has been a leader for many years in holistic health. Its foundations are based on its approach to nutrition, relying on the body’s innate God-given intelligence and bio-individuality. This approach offers tools teaching us how to address weaknesses through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

I feel compelled as an NTP to help others realize the healthiest version of themselves!


The goal of nutritional therapy is to read the body’s signs and symptoms to discover what is wrong. Through this process, we can discover links to deficiencies in order to make a plan for your health that is perfect for you. In Nutritional Therapy you are taught strategies on how your body functions best when given a whole food diet. 

Our world can be a challenging place that rushes us through life, especially through meal time. This puts our bodies in a tough position, starving for the appropriate nutrients and processing time it takes to absorb and digest. Since we are all created uniquely, I will work with individuals to educate, and create meal plans and snacks that will address the body’s specific foundational needs and client’s personal goals.  

Teaching & equipping others to walk in good health is very important to me. In the “Building Healthy Habits 101” class we will highlight several foundations of good health and give you actionable tools to begin implementing daily.  

God has called each of us to a specific part of His amazing plan. Taking care of ourselves is Step One in caring for His creation, and allows us to go after those plans He has set aside for us to co-labor in with Him!  

If you have any questions please feel free to check out my website, https://Ashley-Barnett.com or my Instagram and Facebook accounts under Table Connections.  

I look forward to partnering with The Promise Center to share the gift of health in Clyde!  

Blessings in health, 
Ashley Barnett

20 Habits of People With Really Clean Houses

Ever walk into a friend’s home and immediately notice how clean it is? They don’t have a housekeeper, so how do they do it? And how do they keep it that way? Here are twenty tips to see how they do it. This is just an overview. To see a detailed description and pictures, click the link below the twenty tips.

  1. They Keep High-Touch Surfaces Germ-Free
  2. They Own a Broom They Love
  3. If They Clean Anything Before Bedtime, It’s the Kitchen Counters
  4. Their Dedication to Mail Organization Will Make You Jealous
  5. They Invest in the Laundry Process
  6. And... They Don’t Let Laundry Consume Their Lives
  7. Their Routine Includes Making the Bed
  8. They Make Clean-Up As Easy As Possible
  9. They Commit to an Orderly Linen Closet
  10. They Run the Dishwasher Every. Single. Day.
  11. They Have Clean Refrigerators
  12. They Incorporate Air-Purifying Plants Into Their Decor
  13. They Own the Best Vacuums
  14. They Clean Throughout the Year
  15. They Work Hard to Keep Messes Small
  16. They Make Pet Grooming a Priority
  17. They Take Off Their Shoes
  18. They Remember to Clean the Ceiling
  19. Also, They Know How to Clean the Walls
  20. They Favor Drawers and Doors Over Open Shelves
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