Grateful to all who helped make us smile, laugh and love throughout the most challenging year many of us have ever experienced. We look forward with great optimism for a better year ahead for everyone in 2021.
We appreciate all who stayed at RHTH this year and everyone who has a hand in supporting our non-profit efforts through the many challenges of this pandemic filled year. May the coming year be filled with good health, joyous spirits, exciting construction at RHTH and new life through the miracle of transplantation for so many in need!
Some of our favorite 2020 moments in pics!
In Loving Memory of Dear Friends Lost in 2020
We made many new friends, enjoyed the company of several old friends and also lost some of our dearest and most beloved friends in 2020. In honor of those we have lost and with love to their families, we have compiled a collection of our favorite flower photos from this past year. We have all grown bigger, brighter and more beautiful with your friendship. Thanks for everything...we love you all!
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