Happy New Year from SAI
As we wrap up 2018 and look forward to 2019, the SAI team thanks you for your continued partnership and support of human rights at work. With your support in 2018, we worked to protect and strengthen human rights for the most vulnerable and marginalized workers around the world, from migrant laborers to small-holder farmers and waste-pickers. 2019 brings new opportunities for impact, including two new grants that we're excited to share publicly in the coming weeks!

A year-end donation to SAI sustains programs that benefit over 2 million workers annually and allows us to continue our innovation and impact . Please support our vision of a world where workers, communities, and businesses thrive together.

Thank you again, and our very best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!
Training & Capacity Building

Over 6,000 people took our in-person and online training courses around the world in 2018. Participants included representatives from Amazon, Disney, DuPont, Global Organic Textile Standard, Ferrero, Home Depot, Hugo Boss, Inditex, Nokia, PWC, Rainforest Alliance/Utz, Rewe, Volvo, United Nations, and Yeti, among many others. Our newest online training, Assessing Current Wages , drew over 750 participants since its release in June. An in-person Living Wage training is coming soon. Read More .
Advancing Living Wages
In 2018, SAI led a series of multi-stakeholder consultations in Tiruppur, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to identify barriers preventing payment of living wages and develop strategies for advancing wage growth. Attention to the topic of living wages is growing due to declining wage shares worldwide, widening wage and income inequalities, and the social and economic impacts. Stakeholders identified concrete strategies for both businesses and governments to support sustainable wage growth.  Read More .
Training for RA/UTZ in Jimma, Ethiopia
SA8000 Training in New Delhi, India
Training for Volvo HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden
Promoting Responsible Recycling

As companies make bold environmental commitments, they are often unaware of the risks in their recycling supply chains - the working conditions of the people sorting through all the waste. Led by social entrepreneur Mike Maggio, who pioneered the program at Johnson & Johnson, SAI is supporting iWRC and Project Phoenix to improve working conditions in Brazil and India’s notoriously unsafe waste-picking sites. Read More .
Protecting Migrant Workers

SAI and SAAS are partnering with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to address the growing problem of migrant worker exploitation. The International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) will help workers find ethical recruiters, support recruiters committed to fair practices, and empower employers committed to protecting human rights. The full program will launch in early 2019.
Over 4,000 facilities now certified to SA8000!

In 2018, the number of SA8000-certified facilities grew to cover more facilities and more people than ever before. Over 2 million people across 65 countries and 56 industries now work in SA8000-certifiied facilities.

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