1/28/2020 | Issue 1, Vol. 2
How HY-PAK™ Works
A resistance weld is accomplished using the combination of a high-energy, short-duration, unidirectional pulse with a rapid elecrode follow-up. The relative magnitudes of time duration and current pulse amplitude are shown on the graph below.
How do you know you need new Weld Cartridges?
As your cartiridge wears down, the weld shaft can move which could possibly manipulate the unit that it's housed in. This is a major tell-tale sign that your weld cartridge needs to be replaced quickly!
If you experience leaking from the weld cartridge, chances are the seals have gone bad. It may leak water or castor oil, and this is also a sign that it may not have been installed or assembled correctly.
Do you have these complications with your Weld Cartridges? Contact our Parts Team for help!
How to Identify Your Equipment
Variety of Nameplates
Wright-K can help find a solution for any of your part & service needs. Our extensive heritage means that we can have a variety of nameplates that could potentially be on your machine. This depends on when the machine was manufactured or even rebuilt