Happy New Year From all of us at Zack's Place!
Look at what we did this year!
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Lindsey and Coleen enjoy a dance in Windsor with the Self Advocacy Group!
Zack's Place skiing at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive! We go every week from January to March. FREE! We are so fortunate!
Zack's Place at the Woodstock Inn, in front of the Ginger Bread House
Sarah and Alyssa at the Zack's Place High School Dance. Every year in April the students put on a prom for us from soup to nuts and they join us for dancing. It is so much fun!
We have a daily fitness class at Zack's Place here we are dancing with Jen.
We love hiking. We climbed Mt. Tom with Kitty and Holly
Our art classes and teachers are always so creative. Who knew you could make a turkey hat out of a paper bag! Caitlin Eastman knew!
We could not do what we do without community support, volunteers and donations. Here we are at the Apples and Crafts fair. Andrew and Ruth join the Giller Family selling donated apples from Maple Wood Farm.
Hypertherm has lots of volunteers that help Zack's Place in so many ways. Here they are at Maple Wood farm, they picked apples and organized them for the Apples and Crafts Fair. Hypertherm also helped paint the newly renovated Zack's Place.
Thank you!
Dail and Lindsey try not to tip the Apple Cart at Maple Wood Farm
One of our successful fundraisers held at Kelly Way Gardens, the Mushroom Foraging Event. These Dining Events are fun, raise much needed funds and they raise awareness for Zack's Place. Thank you to the Woodstock Inn for their constant support. Not only did they host several successful events for Zack's Place, they support our ski and golf program without any charge.
We stay limber with 2 yoga classes a week! We love all of our yoga teachers. Tita, Lalita, Jamie, Amanda and Jesse. Thank you for keeping us limber!
We partner with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport and Zack's Place participants cycle, ride horses, ski and canoe and kayak safely and learn confidence and get out and about.
Our Golf Tournament raised over $30,000 for Zack's Place! Thank you to the major sponsors, Mascoma Bank and the McLaughlin/Kitchel Foundation, Golf and Ski Ware House, The Woodstock Inn, Treasury Wine Estates, Farrell Distributing, DeVoe Cadillac, and all of the Auction Donors, golfers and donors.
We are out and about enjoying all that Woodstock has to offer and beyond. We attend educational programs at Billings Farm. In the picture is Sam from Hanover, and Haley a volunteer and intern at Zack's Place.
Lindsey Sargent and Carl Hurd enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Champlain. One of our end of summer field trips.
Ed Lawrence loves to paddle board. He does it using one hand.  We go every other week from June until the end of August.
Keegan Kayaking on Silver Lake
Jessa and Tanner with volunteer Cam golfing at 4 U Golf. We also golf at the Woodstock Inn every week summer and fall!
Andrew at High Horses
Zack's Place loves checking out all of our local business's we are the Woodstock Fire and Rescue Department learning about how they keep us safe.
We go bowling at Maple Lanes at least once a month. It is one of our most popular programs. Fred Beebee is here with Sarah Roberts. Fred loves bowling. Sarah works at Zack's Place and she is loved by participants. She also loves all of them too. We are lucky to have her.
We swim a lot at Zack's Place! We go to swimming holes every week in the summer and then when it is too cold to swim outside we go to the Upper Valley Aquatic Center.
We love our art projects with Lolly and Bonnie. They volunteer with some fabulous craft each month. We are so fortunate.
Special events are so important to us. This year the Spector's hosted a St. Patty's day magic party. Thank you to the Spector family!
We partner with Woodstock Elementary School once a month for a craft project. It has been such a great program because the students keep coming back throughout their school years and beyond.
Zack's Place has enjoyed their Special Olympics Unified Program with local High School Students.
Michael and his partner after competition at Suicide 6.
Woodstock Elementary School puts on an elaborate pep rally each year for the Zack's Place Special Olympics Athletes.
Zack's Place at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive Volunteers
We sing together at least once a week. Kerry has been teaching at Zack's Place for 7 years! We love it!
We love playing in the snow. The group at Winter Fest at Britton Farm.
Jool's teaches story telling at Zack's Place
Jamie leads us in a downward Dog position
Love this picture on the new lift at Suicide 6
Sarah Peters in a drumming class. We have band and singing!
We can't walk but we can do yoga!
Of course you can ski if you are blind! Look at Leah! She can do anything!
Molly is just great fun!
Look at this Beautiful Event that the Woodstock Inn put on at Kelly Way Gardens for Zack's Place.
Stowe Elementary 3rd Grade Class raised almost $3000 for Zack's Place with a cross country fundraiser!
sometimes our yoga classes are so large we use the gym at WES
Kitty and Annie at the Prom. Kitty is loved by all, another amazing employee at Zack's Place.
A great picture of Amy from Vt. Adaptive and Annie at the S6.
Look at the cute Betzig twins singing with us!
Vince Ramirez teaches us about nutrition! We love all of our educational classes!
We are making Ginger Bread houses. I am so lucky to work with such amazing people. In this picture are Tanner, extraordinary volunteer Doug Phillips, Jessa Lawlor and myself, Dail Frates.
We do pottery every week at ArtisTree with Fiona. It is one of our favorite classes.
Student volunteers at the Turkey Trot!
Denise loves Zack's Place.
We love our community readers.
We take lot's of field trips some educational and some just fun!
Here we are at King Arthur Flour
The Turkey Trot had 1670 participants and raised over $85,000!
Our annual musical was Charlottes Web with a cast of 50 participants and community members.
Pentangle hosts our plays for FREE! They also host us for movies all of the time! Every seat was full in the auditorium! Thank you to all.
Zack's Place is thankful to all of you for a fabulous 2017! Thank you for making it all happen!

January 2018
Zack's Place closed Happy New Year!
2 10:30A-Bus to Suicide 6 for fitting for rentals for the season. If you are a part of the Ski program we will and need rentals we will need you to come on this trip. Return 11:45A.
1pm-nutrition with Vince
3PM-yoga with Jess
4:15P-Reading with Diane
3 11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-Culture Day with Kitty Zack's Place visits Scottland
3PM- Music with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Music Movement with Mark
12:45P-Leave for Northern Stage
2pm Northern Stage. "The Little Mermaid" Pickup at 4:30P at Northern Stage
11A-Art with Caitlin
1PM-Book Shopping with Sarah at the Yankee Book Store buying books for Zack's Place!
3P-Dancing with Jen
8 National Joygerm Day Get infected with the joy Germ!
10A-making random acts of kindness cards
11A-Walk around town
12:45P-Art with Fiona At Zack's Place
3PM-Snow shoe partner practice
9 10Am-Skiing at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive return at 1:30P Bring Lunch must sign up in advance
2PM-Making Bird Feeders with Rose
3PM-yoga with Lalita
4:15P-Reading with Diane
11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-Scottish Craft with Kitty
3PM- Music with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11 10A-Billings Farm Program at 10:30A-11:30A HOW NOW BROWN COW
1PM-Art with Caitlin
3PM-yoga with Amanda
12 9am leave for The Hop."Malpaso Dance Company" 10am. Return at 11a
1P-Creative Story Telling with Jools
3P-Dancing with Jen
11a-Martin Luther King Day with Kitty
12:45P-Art with Fiona At Zack's Place
3PM-Snow shoe partner practice
10Am-Skiing at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive return at 1:30P Bring Lunch must sign up in advance
3PM-yoga with Tita
4:15P-Reading with Diane
11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-Making a aScottish recipe with Kitty
3PM- Music with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Music Movement with Kathleen and Mark
1P-Creative Story Telling with Jools
3PM-yoga with Amanda
19 11A-Art with Caitlin
1PM- cooking with Sarah
3P-The First Cast Meeting for the Wizard of OZ our Director and Producer Jim Sadwith is calling all Actors and Actresses for the casting of this musical to be performed on the last day of May 30
22 11a- crafts with kitty
12:30P Leave for Artistree Pottery from 12:45P-1:45P Arrive ZP at 1:50P
3PM-Snow shoe partner practice
10Am-Skiing at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive return at 1:30P Bring Lunch must sign up in advance
3PM-yoga with Tita
4:15P-Reading with Diane
945a-nugget and sang at pentangle return at 11A
1pm- Fitness with Bari
3PM- Music with Kerry
25 10A- arrive at 10:45a Bowling at Maple Lanes return 1PM to arrive ZP 1:45P
3PM-Art with Caitlin and Woodstock Elementary Student Council
10A-Swimming atUVAC return 11:40A
1PM-Art with Lolly and Bonnie
3P-Dancing with Jen
29 11a- Creative Story Telling with Jools
12:30P Leave for Artistree Pottery from 12:45P-1:45P Arrive ZP at 1:50P
3PM-Snow shoe partner practice
10Am-Skiing at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive return at 1:30P Bring Lunch must sign up in advance
3PM-yoga with Lalita
4:15P-Reading with Phil Swanson
9am Leave ZP for LOH
10-11am "The 13 Story Tree House" Return ZP at11:45
1pm- Fitness with Bari
3PM-Singing with Kerry

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