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This month we are covering some exciting news items including:

Win the Fitz Gold Bar, the Chinese New Year @ The Fitz, the €270 End of Month Jan 26th, the Punto Banco SpecialsBrag Poker @ The Fitz & Promotions Coming Soon

Win the €9,250 Gold Bar. Stake your Claim today!!

If you have been in the club since January you will have noticed that the Gold Bar is now on display at reception and will be won by One Lucky Gamer in the coming months! 

The Fitzwilliam Gold Bar Promotion is the first of its kind in Ireland and will be of great excitement to one lucky member who will be taking home the €9,250 Gold Bar come July. Here is how you can stake your claim!

Win a Ticket for the draw by having any of the following winner hands on the gaming floor:

  • Roulette - The Days Date
  • Blackjack - Suited Blackjack, 3*7's or a 5 card trick
  • Brag - A straight or better
  • Punto Banco - Egalite

The best of luck to all. The gold bar will be displayed at Reception for the next week and at the Gaming Desk from February onward. 

The Fitz Gold Bar Promotion 

Celebrate Chinese New Year @ The Fitz - Wednesday Feb 1st

A couple of weeks into the Irish New Year and we are about the celebrate the Chinese New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster and we would like to welcome all of our Chinese Members, and indeed all of our members, to the Fitzwilliam on Wednesday February 1st to ring in the Chinese New Year.

We will have a number of Special Offers on the night including:

  • 2 Return Flights to China
  • A Chinese Buffet
  • Lucky Money Envelopes on the night
  • The Chinese Dragon Dance
  • Double Chance Tickets for the Gold Bar Draw

Ring in the Chinese New Year in style at the Fitz and make 2017 a good one!

 €270 End of Month  - Thursday January 26th

The First End  of Month 270  P oker Tournament is taking place on Thursday January 26th. Usual start time of 8pm. The event always attracts a large field with prize money regularly over 30,000. 

Join us for the F irst Big Poker Event of 2016 and you might start 2017 as the big winner of the first prize cheque!

First End of Month 270 Poker Tournament of 2017!
Punto Banco Weekly Specials - Sunday, Monday & Thursday
On the Punto Banco table we have S pecials every Sunday, Monday & Thursday nights. Simply buy in for €100 or more on any of these nights and receive a  €25 Matchplay Chip to try your luck on us. 

Congratulations to the last Punto  Prize Winners  at the F itzwilliam Casino  from last months gaming promotion.

  • Golden I Phone Winner -  Yuk Wah Fong

  • Nokia Camera Winner - Yeefox Anderson 

Punto Banco @ The Fitzwilliam Casino

The Punto Banco Special Promotions take place Sunday, Monday & Thursday nights

Brag Poker @ the Fitzwilliam Casino 
Fancy something Different  the next time you are at the club? Try your hand at Brag Poker, also known as 3 Card Poker. Its a fast, fun and easy to play game that you can enjoy at any level.

Why not try it out and see what you think. Payouts are as follows:
  • Flush: 4 to 1
  • Straight: 6 to 1
  • 3 of a Kind: 30 to 1
  • Straight Flush: 40 to 1

If you have a ‘Straight’, ‘Three of a Kind’ or ‘Straight Flush’ you will be paid an ante bonus (even if you lost to the Dealer).

Brag Poker at the Fitzwilliam Card Club

Why not try something new?. 

See if you can turn a hand at Brag Poker. Easy & quick game to play
Coming Soon @ The Fitz!

We have a number of exciting Upcoming Events and Promotions at the Fitzwilliam to look forward to in 2017. Further details will be released as they develop including:

  • The Fitzwilliam Gaming Festival March 16th - 20th

  • The Fitzwilliam Poker Masters May 25th - 29th

  • The Gold Bar Promotion - Jan 1st - June 10th

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Upcoming Events @ The Fitz
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